6 Great Ways To Grow Mints At Home: Planting, Watering & More

Those who want to grow mints at home often use the technique of growing mints from seed. Seeds sprouting in a short time, give bunches of mint. For those who say how to grow mints at home; we discussed the techniques of mint growing on this page.

Tips Of Growing Mints At Home

Mint, which gathers attention among vegetables with its vitamin C and antioxidant properties, is a very suitable food source of economic value. Mint, which adorns vegetable departments with its refreshing taste and color that opens appetites, is used in many ways.

Preferred in plate ornamentation, as a spice to dishes and as the indispensable foliage of salads, mint can be grown easily at home.

6 great ways to grow mints at home
6 great ways to grow mints at home. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Materials Required to Grow Mint

You need to take some steps to plant the mint seed into the pot. First, you must prepare the materials you will use. The materials to be supplied are as follows:

• Pot: You can use a long pot if you want to plant mints. Make sure that the pot you will choose is 25 cm deep on average. Make sure that the pot you choose is approximately 25 cm deep.

• Soil selection: You can use composted soil to grow the mint efficiently in a short time. Plant soil should be rich in minerals.

• Mint Seed: You can buy a pack of mint seeds that you trust and start preparations to resolve the question of how to grow the mint in your mind.

• Spray Bottle: You will use this bottle to water the plant. If you water it with a glass or measuring cup, you can leave the soil in water. For this reason, it is recommended to use spray bottles to irrigate very little.

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When to Plant  Mint Seeds?

It is important to meet the appropriate conditions for planting mint seeds. One of these conditions is climate and temperature.

Mint does not like very cold weather conditions.

In spring you can plant mint seed in a pot or garden.

If you live in a city that has had a harsh winter, you should wait for the winter season to end to plant the mint seed.

When you enter the spring season, you can go to work to plant mint seeds.

Mint seed planted in the spring period will yield high yield mint bundles.

How to Plan and Grow Mint Seeds at Home? 6 Best Steps


1) Add Soil To Pot

To sow the mint seed, first clean and dry a pot of your choice.

Pour half of the fertile, humus plant-soil into the drying pot.

The soil needs to be loose. Therefore, pour the soil from above to make the structure lose.

Step2: Sowing seeds. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

2) Sowing Seeds

You can arrange the mint seeds in your hand intermittently on the soil in the pot.

Seeds should not be too close together.

Leave the seeds one by one in the middle of the soil before entering the pot bottom.


3) Cover Seeds With Soil

Now place the seeds on the soil, 2 cm high with soil cover.

Do not press on the soil.

Spaced soil will cover the seed and sprout within a few weeks.

After the germination phase of mint seed, the roots of mints will hold on to the soil tightly and grow.

Give life water. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

4) Give Life Water to Seeds

You can use a spray bottle to give life water to the seeds in the pot.

When you use spray bottles, you prevent soil decay.

You can give water with a spray bottle to water the whole surface of the soil.

You should be careful not to give too much water at this stage.

You can water twice a week. It is sufficient that the soil is moist.


5) Place Flower Pot in the Sun Location

The position of the pot is important for the seed to grow efficiently.

The flower pot you will place in a sun-sighted position will gift you the sweet-smelling mint leaves in a few weeks.

6) Trim The Elongated Mints With Scissors

In spring, your peppermint seeds will sprout and grow.

Mint seedlings coming out of the soil when a certain maturity is sprinkled with mint leaves.

You can cut the growing mint leaves with the help of scissors without going down to the root too.

If you buy as much mint as you will use in each pruning process, you will also preserve the life of the plant in the pot.

You can use the mint leaves you have collected to make salads and tzatziki. If you wish, you can dry in the sun and add flavor to your meals in the form of spices.

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