9 Easy Ways to Grow Watermelons: Watering & Planting (Step to Step)

How To Grow Watermelons At Home? How To Watering?

Are you ready to grow watermelons in all its details? Would you like to grow watermelons at home? Have you ever thought about growing watermelons at home?

Watermelon is a fruit that is frequently consumed in the summer months and is very popular in the departments. When buying watermelon, you can choose with techniques you will apply. Many methods are being tried for this.

In the process from producer to consumer, watermelon follows a long way. In this process, occurs growth and sugaring of watermelon. Watermelons grown with dedication are abundant in hot areas in our country.

Watermelon, which contains powerful antioxidant ingredients, also meets the body’s need for vitamins.

If you want to consume watermelon organic form every summer, please note our article in a corner where you can find answers to the question of how to grow watermelons?

Those who are interested in agriculture and want to grow watermelons in their garden should not miss this article. In these lines, all questions such as how to plant watermelon and how to water it were answered!

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9 Tricks Of Growing Delicious Watermelons

• You can tell by the brightness in the shell when it comes harvest period of watermelon. You can also collect watermelons with very bright bark by plucking them manually.

• If the collected watermelons are stored in storage, we recommend that you avoid forming stacks on top of each other. Watermelons that form too many stacks can crack the remaining watermelons at the bottom. This also causes material damage.

• If the summer period is too short in the region where you live, you can germinate the seeds in a container at home.

• When you want to grow watermelons in the pot in the most efficient way, you can use organic materials abundantly. More yield is obtained in soils that take organic matter.

• To obtain the most delicious taste of watermelon, you need to meet the maintenance conditions. Too much watering or dehydration affects the taste of watermelon.

• If harmful substances in the soil attract attention, it is recommended to clean them.

• Cleaning of insects or herbs that will damage the plant also reinforces the growth of watermelon.

• Do not expect too much fruit from the plant to avoid exhausting the soil. Getting intense yields can tire the soil in some cases.

• You can use pesticides for insecticides that occur on watermelon leaves.

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Materials For Grow Watermelons

One of the important details of the question of how to grow watermelons is to supply the materials first. If you are going to grow from the seed, you need a good quality watermelon seed.

For this reason, we have prepared a general list of ingredients for those who say how to grow watermelons from seedlings or seeds. If the equipment is ready, you can start growing watermelons!

  • Wide and deep pot.
  • Mineral-rich soil.
  • Good quality watermelon seeds.
  • Watermelon seedling. (for those who do not want to grow the seed)
  • Resting water.
3 steps: How to grow watermelons at home? Photo Credit: Shutterstock

3 Steps: How to Grow Good Watermelon at Home, Garden or Field?

A natural environment should be prepared for watermelon to grow most efficiently. This environment is a garden or a field. When you want to grow a watermelon in a home type flowerpot, the yield you get will be very low.

Watermelon production in the field or garden will result in higher yields. For those who supply materials, let’s answer the question of how to grow watermelons in the field step by step!

Step 1: Soil Preparation

• Before planting watermelon needs to prepare the environment where it will grow. Therefore, you must first blend the soil according to the appropriate conditions.

• You can start preparing your soil in the fall season. Till field or garden nicely before the rains come. Mix the minerals under the soil with the minerals above.

• If you use a lot of fertilizer in the soil version, your face will laugh a lot during the harvest period.

• When finished first till the process is, you will have to perform this process again, such as January.

Step 2: Planting Watermelon

• If planting from seed on a large land, selected watermelon seeds are buried in the soil with an average of 75 cm between them.

• It is recommended to drop 3 seeds into each hole.

• When a handful of soil is added to the seeds, the planting process takes place.

• Watering should be done on each pit to give life water.

Step 3: Post-Planting Care

• It is recommended that you be sensitive about how to grow watermelons in the garden that looks very easy.

• It requires abundant watering until the seeds germinate and bloom. In the growing phase, a moist environment should be provided.

• The temperature of the soil planted in watermelon should remain at an average of 12 degrees.

• Towards the end of spring, it should be watered once every 10 days to maintain this temperature.

• In watering soils, the roots are released beautifully and begin to grow by holding on to the soil strongly.

• In this process, you will have to wait for the summer season.

How to care for watermelon?

How to Care for Watermelon?

Climate Conditions

• For watermelon to grow in the best conditions, a warm and humid climate is required. Arid and cold regions are not suitable for watermelon cultivation.

• It is an important detail that the temperature of the soil is 12 degrees.

Soil Selection

• It is important that the soil to be planted in watermelon is rich in terms of minerals.

• Soils with high water holding capacity should be selected.

• When the fertilization method is applied in soils with a high clay rate, an efficient harvest can be obtained.

• You can make the growing conditions more suitable by fertilizing the soil. We recommend you to choose animal manure.

Water Requirement

Watermelon roots should be protected from moisture so irrigation should not be neglected.

• If seedling transfer is done from pot to garden, water should be given plenty after this transfer.

• It is recommended not to exaggerate water until the fruiting period.

• Fruits should be watered daily after 5 cm in size.

• Avoid damaging the leaves while watering the watermelon. It is more convenient to make irrigation towards the roots.

• The drip method will be ideal for watering watermelons on large land.

Harvest Time

• For those who say I have harvested watermelon in a pot or garden, when will I harvest, there is no clear time.

• The fruits may begin to ripen approximately 90 days after planting.

• It can be harvested approximately 50 days after the seedling blooms.

• Harvest time varies according to soil yield and climate.

• It is known that it takes shorter in hot and humid cities.

• You can test the color in the peel of watermelon to harvest. If fading of ripe watermelon leaves has occurred; You can now collect watermelon.

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