4 Steps With Picture: How To Grow Potatoes In The Bag & At Home

The Best Ways To Grow Potatoes At Home

One type of organic farming will be growing potatoes at home. Those who don’t know how to grow potatoes won’t be able to think about how to grow potatoes. To resolve these question marks, we have prepared our article on how to grow potatoes with tricks.

When you hear that potatoes grow easily at home, you will act immediately. Did you know you can grow potatoes in a bag? The information on this page will help you to grow a hormone-free potato in ways you can’t think of! Let’s all look at the answers to the question of how to grow potatoes in pots and bags.

Growing vegetables and fruits at home are both a hobby and an economic activity for some people. From time to time, you can create a small garden for yourself in your home to avoid being affected by the rising prices.

You can plant the vegetables and fruits that you consume in your garden and collect them with organic taste when the time comes.

How- o grow potatoes in the bag? Photo Credit: Shutterstock

4 Steps with Picture: How To Grow Potatoes In The Bag & At Home?

Step 1

• Potatoes need to go through the pre-germination process before planting in a bag or pot.

• For the germination process, you should stick the toothpicks in your preferred potatoes and make them come into contact with air.

• Make a hole with 3 toothpicks from the bottom of potato and fix toothpicks in this hole.

• Then fill the plastic container or glass of the size of the potato with water.

• Place the potatoes in this water-filled bowl.

• Those who do avocado seed germination process, potato germination process can easily. You will go through the same process and allow the potatoes to sprout in the sun in a few days.

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Step 2

• Potatoes that you pierce with toothpicks should have started to germinate after a few days. At this stage, you can do planting in the soil.

• Wear working gloves to protect your hands and blend soil nicely.

• Now curl ends to shorten the size of your bag and fill with soil.

• If your soil is rich in minerals, your potatoes grow healthier.

• The temperature of the soil to be planted should be +8 degrees. This temperature is quite ideal for growth.

• Soil pH range should be 5.5 to 6.0. Soils other than these values inhibit the growth of potatoes and affect the development of roots.

• Fill half of the bag with soil and distribute the potatoes that you germinate into the bag so that there is space between them.

• If the preferred bag is 50 liters, it is easier and more comfortable to prepare the working area.

• Then, sprinkle the potatoes with soil so as not to throw them too deep.

• You should take care loose of soil.

Potatoes love sunny and humid places. Photo Source: www.wikihow.com/

Step 3

• It’s time to choose a good location for the potato in the bag!

• Potatoes love sunny and humid places. For this reason, you should place the bag in a sun-exposed location.

• A little damp will help you get more efficient results.

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Step 4

• Now you need to touch up a bit. Over time you will see potatoes sprouting from the soil.

• Just during this time you need to add dung soil for better growth of sprouts.

• Sprouting potatoes, about 20 cm when grown-up you can make the process of adding soil.


9 Tricks  For Growing Potatoes

• It will help you to know some of the tricks of growing potatoes! If you want to collect fruitful and organic potatoes in your potting soil, keep this information in mind!

• Potatoes are a vegetable that likes attention and care. We recommend regularly checking your potatoes in the bag. If there are weeds, you have to clean these weeds.

• If you forgot when you last watered the potato, you can check the soil. If the soil is moist, you can wait a little longer. Also, if there are yellowed leaves, this is a sign that it is time for watering.

• Since potatoes are a plant growing vertically if you are going to grow in pots, you should prefer long and wide pots.

• Potatoes that like to be fertilized also like oak wood ash. If you add some oak wood ash to the soil, you will ensure healthier growth.

• Oak wood ash and burnt animal fertilize meet the potassium requirement of the soil.

• Do not leave potatoes growing in potato bag without water in summer temperatures. This plant, which remains moist in autumn and spring, can dry out in the scorching heat of summer.

• When planting potatoes in the soil, you can choose from slightly germinated potatoes.

• It is suggested that the soil in the bag should be loosely formed. You have to give life water for soil to hold potatoes.

• Harvest time comes about 3 months after planting the potatoes. Flowering and growing leaves, potatoes are ready to be collected.

Benefits of potatoes. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

9 Super Benefits You Don’t Know Of Potatoes

From breakfast to dinner, potatoes that you add to a variety of dishes have great benefits for your health. Boiled, baked, and mashed potatoes are guests of healthy meals; fried dishes are delicious. So, what are the benefits of potatoes? Here are the positive changes that will occur in the body of those who consume potatoes!

• Potatoes containing potassium control blood pressure. When blood pressure is stabilized, you feel more dynamic and healthy.

• Thanks to the minerals in the water of potatoes, you can prepare a skin mask and purify your skin from harmful substances. The minerals in this water have an antioxidant effect.

• Potatoes containing phosphorus support the secretion of reproductive hormones. It increases fertility.

• Potato, which balances stomach acids, leaves positive effects in the digestive system.

• Potatoes and potato juice, which balance blood flow, take precautions against heart disease.

• Because of contains starch, it gives a feeling of satiety for a long time when consumed in a salad.

• Potato is a vegetable that is loved and useful in all forms. You can add volume and vitality to your hair by applying a potato cure.

• Mashed potatoes, which are the favorite food of babies during the transition period to solid food, meet the need for magnesium and potassium of babies.

• Potato, which has high vitamin value, protects the immune system when healthy cooking methods are tried. Thanks to this vegetable, which has a stimulating effect on nerve cells, body functions work in a balanced way.

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Potato Growing Materials In The Bag

In recent years, those engaged in the hobby of growing plants at home grow some products in the bag. One of them is potatoes that are not missing from the table. Now let’s take a look at ingredients you need to grow potato in a bag. Those who prepared the ingredients on this list are very close to creating their potato garden!

  • Plastic cup or glass jar.
  • Toothpicks.
  • Medium potatoes.
  • Wide bag / wide flower pot.
  • Fertilized, mineral-rich soil.
  • Working gloves.
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