11 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Sage Tea: Recipe – Uses & Warnings

The health benefits of sage tea include its ability to reduce high blood pressure, skin health, and stressed or depressed problems, aid in relieving the disturbed digestive and cardiovascular system, and potentially help treat diseases of the liver and cancer.

Sage tea (Salvia officianalis), a herbaceous, strutting plant, grows naturally in almost every rural region in Anatolia. Although is not worth as much as a linden in most regions scientific research shows the benefits of sage tea.

Especially sage, 2001 by International plant association ‘plant of the year’ by a selection of this plant certainly directed attention to this plant.

The leaves of sage plant, which is widely consumed all over the world, are dried, brewed as tea, and consumed in all seasons. When added to some meat dishes, the sage plant adds a very soft and pleasant taste and smell.


Top 11 Health Benefits Of Sage Tea

1.  It is possible to benefit from sage as a natural remedy for skin health, youth and beauty protection. Sage tea is a perfect plant to keep your skin supple and smooth and maintain vitality.

2. It contains phenolic acids, antioxidants, and essential oils that make this plant very important for skin health. Beta carotene is known for anti-cancer properties and there is plenty of beta carotene in the sage.

In this respect, regular consumption of sage tea is thought to prevent all types of cancer, especially skin cancer. It also contains a large number of vitamins and minerals, so both skin health and scalp, that is, sage tea consumption is recommended for hair health.

3. It is not possible to live in modern city life and not to be stressed or depressed. Because is very possible to encounter an annoying, motivational-lowering situation at any moment. But sage tea is known to be good for stress, boredom, depression, and correct negative psychology.

Antioxidants such as diosmetine, apigenin, and luteolin found in sage combat depression and stress. By drinking an average cup of sage tea during the day, is possible to soften the mind, nerves, remove depression from life.

4. This herbal tea affects strengthening mental functions. Its consumption is recommended, especially against memory loss, forgetfulness, concentration disorders and Alzheimer’s diseases that occur with advancing age.

Scientific research shows that regular sage consumption strengthens memory. In this context, is known that drinking sage tea every day, especially at the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, contributes to the treatment of disease.

5. Many scientific studies on sage tea show that sage benefits in the treatment of diabetes and in balancing blood sugar. In this respect, those suffering from diabetes are advised to consume one cup of sage tea a day in addition to treatment.

6. It has antiseptic and antioxidant properties. In this respect, sage is known to be beneficial especially against infections and other infectious diseases caused by rheumatism. Sage tea contains a very good degree of antioxidants is beneficial vitamins and elements, it is possible to eliminate infections. In this context, for infections caused by rheumatic inflammation, whole-body infections, asthma, and bronchitis, it is good a cup of sage tea every day.

7. It is a vital calcium and potassium store which is essential for cardiovascular health. In this respect, the sage protects the heart.  Namely; 2 teaspoons of sage tea on average contain 20 mg of calcium and potassium.

It is consumed as 1-2 cups per day to ensure the smooth functioning of the cardiovascular system and heart rhythm to maintain a healthy way, because of contains sodium that balances cholesterol, directly and indirectly, protects heart health.

8. This herbal tea is rich in fiber and fiber-containing foods support functions of the digestive system. It also treats diarrhea, thanks to fiber contains. However, allows stomach and bowel procedures to be performed more regularly. In short, sage tea affects to solve all digestive system problems.


9. We mentioned that sage tea protects skin health. It also protects and strengthens the body from inside. It also delays aging. Sage leaves accelerate blood circulation, regenerate cells faster and repair damaged cells.

Sage tea, which contains plenty of calcium and vitamin A, is known as an aging retardant, especially because of promotes and accelerates cell regeneration.

However, antioxidants contain remove lines and wrinkles on the skin and fight free radicals. All these features also make sage tea an anti-aging plant.

10. Sage is a herb that beautifies, rejuvenates and accelerates blood circulation. In this case, is possible to say that sage is a plant that prevents the formation of cellulite and removes existing cellulite. With regular sage consumption, blood circulation is accelerated and therefore toxins in the body are removed more quickly and are minimized cellulite problems.

11. We talked about the benefits of sage tea on the skin. It is a fact that all-natural substances that are beneficial to the skin are also beneficial to hair.

Sage tea as a drink or neutrons into hair, massaging scalp has a protective effect on the health of your hair with sage tea. The oil obtained from leaves of sage also helps to maintain the health of the scalp, hair to grow healthier and bushy.

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How to Make Sage Tea?

  • Bring 1 cup of water to the boil.
  • After turning off the bottom of the simmering water,
  • toss 1 tsp or so of sage into it and leave to infuse for 10 minutes.
  • After brewing, you can consume it simply,
  • or warm by adding lemon or honey.


~ The sage plant can be dried and stored for months in a glass jar or cloth bag with mouth closed. In this respect, can be consumed in any season of the year.

~ Those who want to consume sage can also grow Sage in a small area in their gardens and balconies. This makes them a healthier choice. However, if there is no such possibility, instead of teas sold in grocery stores, is recommended to take sage as a leaf from an herbalist.

~ It is a plant with many benefits. In this respect, can be consumed regularly. However, as with my other herbal suggestions, consuming too much sage tea can cause some health problems. A maximum of 2 cups of Sage should be consumed during the day. Consuming more than 2 cups a day can lead to stomach problems.

~ It is recommended that people who have been treated for any illness and who are on medication should consult their doctor before consuming sage.

~ Especially blood pressure patients should not drink sage without consulting a doctor.

~ It consumption is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Because there is not enough research on the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

~ Sage consumption is not recommended for epilepsy patients.

~ Too often there are opinions that sage consumption reduces men’s sperm counts. However, there is insufficient scientific evidence to support these views.

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