Top 10 Best Ways: How To Care Hyacinth Flower: Planting & Watering

Care Of Colorful Fragrant Hyacinth Flowers

Hyacinth flower, just like other flowers, is an effective flower for the colorization and peace of home. People who are interested in flower care are known to be more distant from stress and have a calmer soul.

Taking care of flowers is a hobby that takes stress and gives the person joy. Now we will give you information about the hyacinth flower, which has a pleasant smell and a long life. When you want to grow hyacinth flower, you can keep the flower alive by remembering the information on this page.

Have you ever thought about why hyacinth flowers are preferred in cosmetic products and detergents? This flower, which enchants people with its scent, attracts attention with its pleasant scent in every environment.

This is why companies are inspired by hyacinth flowers in detergents, emollients, and perfumes. Especially when buying perfume and deodorant, we recommend trying the hyacinth flower. You can use this spring-inspired flower in many areas in your home.

Hyacinth flower care. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

How to Care for Hyacinths Flower?

If you have hyacinth flowers in your home or on your balcony, we recommend that you take a look at the following information for hyacinth care. Because when water, light, soil conditions are appropriate, your flower will smell better and will maintain its vitality for a long time.

• Light: Sunlight needed by the hyacinth must be met indirectly. Therefore, it cannot be comfortable in the corners where the sun is upright. Slightly shaded spaces are ideal for hyacinths.

• Heat: Hyacinth plant, which does not like The Wind very much, can stay alive at an average temperature of 15 degrees. Rooms with continuous airflow are not suitable for hyacinth.

• Soil: Soil selection of the hyacinth flower should be slightly moist and abundant humus. Hyacinth flower loves hummus.

• Watering: When watering the hyacinth, it will be enough for you to give water twice a week. You should not leave the hyacinth dry, which cannot withstand being dehydrated. For this reason, you can water it in a controlled manner according to the climatic conditions.

When giving water, you must ensure that water reaches every detail of the soil. If you take care not to have a dry area, it will be good for the health of your flower. You can give the water waiting at room temperature to your flower.

• Pot: The size of the hyacinth you will prefer should be ideal for hyacinth onion. You can choose a medium-sized pot for hyacinth onion to be planted comfortably.

How to plant hyacinth flower? Photo Credit: Shutterstock

How To Plant Hyacinth Flower?

There is no need to wait for any period to plant the hyacinth flower. Whenever you get a hyacinth seed, you can meet your hands with soil for bread that day. Take a look at the size of the onion. Then add the soil to the base of the pot.

Place the onion in a pot so that it is two fingers deeper than the size of the onion. Spread the remaining soil around hyacinth onion and give the life water.

If the hyacinth is dry, it may take some time to revive. For this reason, when you find fresh hyacinth onions, you can plant them immediately in the pot that day.

Hyacinth flower watering techniques graphic.

Hyacinth Flower Watering Techniques

It will be helpful to be careful when watering the hyacinth flower, which wants to stay moist all the time. We recommend that you review the irrigation techniques on the list once:

Hyacinth will have to be watered in a controlled way in the winter and summer seasons. Don’t be dehydrated, especially on hot days. Hyacinth should always remain moist.

You should take care to deliver water to every part of the flower, not just to the roots or leaves.

Have a watering utensil can and use it when watering hyacinth. Make sure to give the same amount of water in each irrigation.

You should give and rest tap water on cold days. You can give the water that’s waiting for the evening in the day.

If you have given a lot of water to the pot, you should drain the water accumulated on the plate. Excess water will cause insects and decay. The important thing is not to leave the flower in the water, but to keep it slightly moist.

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Hyacinth Flower Reproduce Process

If you’re wondering how to reproduce a hyacinth that has shed or offspring, let us explain the hyacinth replication information. You can reproduce your hyacinth flower very easily.

You can try the method of separating from the roots for hyacinth as you apply it to other flowers. You can take the newly sprouting plant from the roots and plant in another pot. It will be helpful to be careful when separating from root.

Plant the seed about 1 cm below the soil for seed replication process and give some water. During this period, let the pot stand in the light windy environment.

The germination event will take place thanks to the wind. You can witness grow take your germinating plant to a slightly shaded and cool place.

How To Change Hyacinth Flower Pot?

Potting is a process that is required once a year for the life of flowers. But some flowers may be affected by the potting change. Hyacinth flower is also a species of flower that is sensitive about this.

Frequent potting changes can adversely affect hyacinth’s health and rot the very large hyacinth onion. Therefore, it will be more accurate to change the pot if needed. When the onion grows very small and narrow pot if the plant is moved to a large pot size. You’ll have to replenish the soil while you’re changing the pot.

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  1. The hyacinths I planted are flowering but without a scent. In the sandhills area of NC where I am, the soil is more alcaline rather than acidic. I have had to add Hollytone to most of my areas in order to get blooms. Is there any particular reason my hyacinths are not blooming. I was advised that deer don’t like the scent and the deer are an issue here.

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