20 Exceptional Health Benefits Of Mint Lemon Tea (#5 Th Very Important)

Mint lemon tea is a very useful and versatile food source for body. Mint Lemon tea is a tea with strong aroma both naturally and without caffeine and menthol. This powerful aspect of mint lemon tea makes it an excellent herbal tea to expel toxins from our bodies, rejuvenate and relax body.

Health Benefits Of Mint Lemon Tea

1.) Supports Digestion: Mint oil and mint lemon tea have been used for various digestive, stomach and intestinal problems for thousands of years. In fact, archaeological evidence has proved that mint plant has been used as a dietary supplement since 10,000 years ago.

Mint Lemon tea is known as a gas reliever which means that it can help relieve bloating, cramps and stomach discomfort caused by accumulation in body.

2.) Reduces Fever: Menthol effect of nanotechnology helps to lower high fever by acting as a cooling task. Menthol factor allows body to sweat and cool down in mint.

By digesting mint lemon tea, toxins are excreted out of body through sweating and thus body’s temperature decreases. Drinking mint lemon tea is also good for symptoms caused by high fever.

3.) Stress Relieves: If mint and body are wrapped by stress, drinking a cup of soothing mint lemon tea will give you some relief. Menthol works as a muscle relaxant and relieves tense muscles in mint tea.

If you feel exhausted, drinking a cup of mint tea before going to sleep will help you to have a comfortable and restful sleep.


4.) Reduce Bad Breath: People suffering from bad breath problems can sip mint lemon tea to provide a more pleasant smell. It is said that drinking mint tea regularly will help those who want to get rid of persistent bad breath problems, but these claims have to be scientifically confirmed.

5.) Cold And Flu Are Good: Congestion, fever, runny nose are the most common symptoms of colds and flu. Fortunately, there is a peppermint plant that you can use to remove these symptoms.

Menthol in mint lemon tea is considered a natural decongestant; helps to disassemble cervical sputum that causes difficulty in coughing and breathing.

6.) Treating Menstrual Pains: Peppermint tea generally helps relax muscles. This tea is beneficial for everyone from athletes to people who suffer from anxiety and worry. However, treats uterine wall muscles and discomfort caused by certain muscles. Antispasmodic features of menthol help in treatment of stomach ailments as well as menstrual cramps.

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7.) Supports Liver and Gallbladder: It is useful to regularly drink mint lemon tea to have a well-functioning liver and gallbladder.

It can be a panacea and helps to relieve painful gall bladder attacks. In addition, regular consumption of mint tea can affect overall treatment plan by dissolving small gallbladder stones.

8.) Helps Lose Weight: If you are looking for a magical tea that you do not want to spend a lot of money, mint lemon tea will be the best and you will benefit from the benefits of mint lemon tea. Consuming this mint flavor will help to serve as an appetite suppressant and help to ensure that you eat less.

By blending mint tea with green tea, you can boost your metabolism and achieve maximum results with exercise programs you consume.

9.) It Is Good For Vomiting And Nausea: Catching any disease can cause unpleasant conditions such as nausea and vomiting. Mint lemon tea is soothing, so it helps to reduce possibility of nausea and vomiting caused by boat, plane or illness.

At the same time, it reduces stomach pain due to illness and anti-inflammatory properties of nanotechnology make your stomach return to normal.

10.) It Strengthens Memory: If you have trouble remembering something, you can try mint tea. According to a recent study, consumption of mint lemon tea for a long time in healthy adults increases working memory.

11.) Helps Sleep: Mint lemon tea does not contain caffeine and is generally recommended for people with sleep problems. If you need to calm your stomach after a heavy meal, this herbal and medicinal tea is very good. That is why it is usually recommended for a good night’s sleep.

12.) It Strengthens Immune System: Because it contains anti-bacterial properties, drinking mint tea promotes and strengthens immune system.

13.) Relieves Headache: Mint lemon tea is often effective caused by stress and malnutrition in stopping headaches. Common cause of headaches is compression of blood vessels in brain.

Effective pain relievers relieve blood vessels in brain. Mint lemon tea also works in this way to loosen blood vessels in brain and provide relief in those who have headaches.

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14.) It Relieves Tooth Pain: Another benefit of a versatile plant is ability to relieve pain in your mouth. If you have a toothache, a mild wound or inflamed gums while sipping your mint lemon tea, sipping and sipping your tea in your mouth will alleviate these problems.

You can apply hot tea directly to aching teeth and gums and use a moist mint lemon tea bag.

Other Benefits Of Mint Lemon Tea

Generally, herbal teas that are drunk before sleep are very useful for reducing stress and relaxing body as well as for digestion.

Herbal teas such as mint lemons can provide very good amounts of potassium, calcium and B vitamins, which are useful components to combat colds, coughs and grips.

Mint lemon tea is full of antioxidant nutrients; Therefore, it helps both enzymes that are necessary for digestion both with menthol and nutritional values. Mint lemon tea also calms cramps; It helps to alleviate stomach swelling.

Here are some benefits of this refreshing and nutritionally high natural tea:

  1. Mint lemon tea strengthens immune system and helps to clean body.
  2. Works as a diuretic and stimulates body to urinate.
  3. Relieves uncomfortable stomach by helping to eliminate gas problem.
  4. Relieves nerves by helping to remove thirst.
  5. Supports development of digestive system functions.
  6. Helps by relaxing body and mind.
  7. Mint lemon tea helps soothe unpleasant situations such as headache, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.
  8. It is also helps to reduce stress and relax mind for a healthy sleep.
  9. It works wisely on acne prone skins. Also used as toner and lip balm is a complete anti-bacterial because peppermint lemon is anti-inflammatory.
  10. It is very effective for cleansing blood.
  11. This medicinal tea helps remove toxins from body.
  12. Constantly feeling fatigue, stress, such as cause of symptoms in body dehydration by helping to prevent loss of fluid.

Mint Lemon Tea Recipe



  • Boil water in a pot.
  • In the meantime, peel off bark of lemon by cleaning white marrow portions that give lemon bitterness.
  • Grate peeled lemon peel and add to boiling water with mint leaves.
  • Stir once and let simmer for 1 min. then strain your tea and add sugar to make it sweet.

Mint Lemon Tea Recipe For Relieving Throat

This multi-faceted beverage can be served with ice to cool in summer. When it is warm, is very relaxing especially in winter. This mint lemon tea is a great option to soothe sore throat.


  • 1 large lemon juice.
  • 4 roughly chopped mint.
  • 3 large finely chopped fresh balm.
  • 2 teaspoons of honey.
  • 2 cups of boiling water.


  • Boil water. Meanwhile, you can chop mint and melissa and squeeze lemon juice.
  • Place all ingredients with water in a glass bowl and pour lemon juice on top.
  • Add honey and mix and serve.

Mint Lemon Tea Recipe With Ginger



  • Boil water in electrical tea machine or in stove.
  • Squeeze lemon juice while water is hot.
  • Slice ginger root and mint leaves.
  • Then pour hot water over ginger, mint, lemon juice and honey.
  • After 5 minutes, your tea will be ready for service.

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Damages Of Mint Lemon Tea

  1. It is not recommended for people with gastroesophageal reflux disease. It may cause muscles to relax and cause stomach contents to move upwards.
  2. If you are taking medication, you should consult with your doctor before consuming mint and you should check what happens when you take peppermint tea during medication.
  3. Mint tea with 5-6 cups per day is considered as overdose. You should avoid consuming this way; overdose can cause diarrhea. If you continue to consume too much, it may cause irregular heartbeat, headache, dizziness, insomnia and loss of appetite.
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