Zamzam Water: Top 16 Health Benefits, Uses, Warnings And More

What is Zamzam Water?

Zamzam water is considered one of the miracles of the Islamic religion. Zamzam water produced in Mecca is located within the Masjid-haram of Saudi Arabia.

It is located approximately 66 feet east of Kaaba. Every year millions of people drink Zamzam water during the Hajj or Umrah rites. The virtues of the water of Zamzam are confirmed by many Hadiths and reports.

While enjoying Zamzam water, you can also enjoy health benefits. Regularly consumed Zamzam water, the results are becoming more pronounced. It helps to maintain body fitness and increase endurance.

If you have any disease, Zamzam water can be therapeutic. The health benefits of Zamzam water have also been approved by many scientists.

The fact that 70% of the body is made up of water already makes water extremely important for the body. Zamzam water, which supports the body with strong minerals, improves the person’s quality of life and protects overall body health.


Top 16 Benefits Of Zamzam Water

It Gives Energy: According to a study by a German scientist, Zamzam water has a more surprising content than ordinary waters. It is said that Zamzam water can give energy. It both physically and mentally relaxes and prepares a person for the day.

It Supports Eye Health: It is also beneficial for eye health, just like carrots. Zamzam water, which is defined as a cure that can affect vision, is recommended for improvement of eyes.

Fights With Bacteria: It is believed to fight germs and bacteria. Experts say there are no contaminants in water. It was observed that bacteria subjected to ultraviolet-ray treatment did not become active again in Zamzam water in any way.

It is a Source of Calcium and Magnesium: It is healing. It contains the necessary amount of calcium and magnesium. On the other hand, it is a natural germ killer because of contains fluoride. These facts about the water have been scientifically proven.

Increases Blood Platelets: It can be effective to increase blood platelets. Drinking this water helps to increase blood platelets. Thus, the level of leukocytes in the body increases and erythrocyte immunity increases. This condition is perfect for detoxifying the body.


It Helps to Heal Diseases: According to the Islamic religion, it can heal diseases. From a medical point of view, it contains more minerals than other water sources.

In this case, it can become more effective in treating diseases. It contains high levels of beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Strengthens Cells: It can help strengthen human cells. According to an intensive study conducted in Munich, it has a very successful effect in strengthening cells within the human body system.

Helps Lose Weight: It can help diet. It is already known that this water is a supporter of weight loss.

This ability is due to the ability of Zamzam water to reduce appetite. It can act as an auxiliary in the effort to lose weight by reducing the feeling of hunger.

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It Provides Support for a Vigorous Body: It provides nourishment for the body. Thus, a more fit and vigorous body is obtained by fulfilling the need of the general body.

It Gives Positive Energy: It is composed of different elements compared to other waters. These different substances give positive energy to heal and rejuvenate.

It is Completely Pure: It is holy water which is accepted to have been flowing since 4000 years ago. Experts agree that this water contains minerals that are more valuable than other waters and that it is quite pure water. Uncontaminated and completely pure, this water is unique to health.

It Protects Organs: About 70 percent of the body is made up of water. In this case, water becomes quite important for the body. This amazing water, which is extremely clean and mineral storage, is great for protecting organs. The protection of organs is essential for general health.

Rejuvenates: It is very beneficial to general health as it is both pure and mineral storage. On the other hand, it is concluded that this water, which also gives positive energy, is rejuvenating when it is thought that it also supports weight loss.

Increases Endurance: It increases the endurance of the body. According to rumors, athletes drink this water before the marathon. In this way, a successful study and results are believed to have been obtained.

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Relieves Headaches: If you are feeling dizzy or headache, you can use Zamzam water instead of aspirin. Drinking this water for headaches is a popular and traditional treatment in Saudi Arabia and some other Arab countries. It is thought to be at least as effective as the pill.

Strengthens Bones: Calcium mineral, which is abundant in the water, is absorbed by the bones of the human body. For this reason, it is considered to be beneficial for strong bone structure and health.

Other Benefits Of Zamzam Water

The Prophet (SAV) used Zamzam water to sprinkle on people who are patients and ill.

Some students use it to help correct pronunciation of words.

It is thought that the prayers were completed by drinking water.

It is considered an excellent gift for Muslims around the world.

It is believed to be a miraculous healer.

Because of this water contains fluoride, it has an antiseptic effect.

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Nutritional Values

Sodium (133), calcium (96), magnesium (38.88), potassium (43.3), bicarbonate (195.4), fluorine (0.72 ), nitrate (124.8), sulfate (124) and total dissolved It is listed as (835) in alkalinity.

Side Effects

Millions of Muslims drink the water every year. But there is a doubt about Zamzam water if it is small. This is related to the fact that Zamzam water has arsenic effects. Arsenic, on the other hand, may be linked to cancer.

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