7 Best Ways To Grow Avocado At Home – How To Care Avocado At Home?

How To Grow Avocado At Home?

When you grow avocado in your garden or your home, you can harvest and take advantage of benefits. With avocado, you can purify your skin from toxins and keep your immune system strong. But first you should prepare the growing environment of avocado.

Those who want to expand the hobby world and get one step closer to organic agriculture find answers to the question of how to grow avocado at home on this page. It’s your turn!

Would you like to grow avocado at home in the natural oil group? Moreover, by following the very easy stages!

Avocado is one of the fruits that contain vitamin E and is protective against cancer. Avocado, the green fruit of tropical regions, has also caught up in the growing conditions in our country.

Avocado, which you can find in every season, is produced by greenhouse and garden farming methods.

Avocado, which have more nutritious seeds than any other known fruit, is grown to give a new fruit with this seed. The economic value of avocado is very low during periods of intense production.

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Materials You Need To Grow Avocado At Home

We have listed the ingredients that you must supply to grow avocado in a home environment. First, complete your list and then proceed to the germination and growth stage. The first answer to the question of how to grow an avocado tree can be given by preparing the materials.

  • Avocado seeds,
  • Thick toothpick – pin,
  • Jar full of water,
  • Medium pot,
  • Peat soil.

How to Grow Avocado at Home?

1. First Extract Seed

The seed of the avocado is its seed. The question of how to grow avocado seeds immediately comes to mind.

  • Avocado seed save pit (without cutting or breaking it)
  • For this, separate the seeds of a fresh avocado from the fruit.
  • Wash the seeds well and leave them in warm water for 5 minutes.
  • Dry the avocado seeds from the water with a napkin and prepare for the second stage.

2. Sprouting

Avocado seeds need to sprout first.

You should wait about 8 weeks for the sprouting phase.

Save pit by using toothpicks to sprout of seed.

In cases where toothpicks cannot be found, the pit can also be opened with a needle.

You can create a pit in the flat part of the seed.

As the seed coming out of the water will be in a soft tissue, insert 3-4 toothpicks about halfway up the side of the pit. Suspend the pit broad end down in a drinking glass or jar. Fill the container with enough water to submerge the bottom third of the seed.

The perforated seed in the water begins to sprout after 8 weeks and now shows itself to pass into the pot.

For a quick and beautiful sprouting of avocado seeds, it is recommended to leave your home in a sun-drenched position.

Also remember that you can take the sun better by using glass cups or glass jars.

3. A New Environment: Flower Pot

We recommend potting avocado seeds sprouting in water to keep more alive and healthy.

Avocado seeds waiting in the water may decay after a time.

A medium-sized pot can also be used to pot in a natural environment.

Add the soil to the base of the pot and place the seed in between.

Then throw the soil around the seed add life water.

In case you care daily for the avocado seedling with added life water, you can get the value of your labor.

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10 Easy Ways To Grow Avocados At Home

Those who want to grow from the seed of avocado should take the avocado fresh, which they will use as seed.

The process of sprouting the seed of avocado, which is delay and black spots, may fail.

If you think how avocado grows in the climate, do not forget that there are temperate climates.

You should apply the seed submerge process with a toothpick from the bottom parts of the seed.

Sprouting is not expected from pit drilled close to the pointed area If you’re a little excited about growing avocados, you might want to pot them as soon as you see the first sprouts. But we want to warn you here.

Do not transfer the sprouts to the pot without seeing the length of about 15 cm. Make the transition to the pot with the growing sprouts. So you can keep alive avocado seedling.

For water germination process, make sure that the seed is completely free from fruit. The seed of the fruit residue delays germination.

The planting time of the avocado is also important.

If planting takes place in spring, is provided for the development of the plant.

Let’s give you a super-secret. If you add coconut peel to the avocado soil, you can maintain moisture balance and yield of soil.

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How To Care Avocado At Home?

Yes, you germinated the avocado seed and put it in a pot. So what then? Here are the care secrets of avocado! With these tricks, you can protect the health of avocados and get fruit efficiently.

1) Watering

  • Avocado, which dries in the heat of July, requires plenty of water.
  • It does not come to be dehydrated in the burning days of August.
  • Try not to leave the avocado plant without water.
  • You can check the surface of the soil during the day and give the water little by little.
  • It is very important to purify the watering water from salt and chlorine.
  • If watering with chlorinated water, avocado leaves will burn.
  • When growing seedlings in the pot, watering once a week is sufficient.

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2) Fertilization

Avocado seedlings grow healthier when fertilized.

Avocado, which is in the garden or a flowerpot, requires some fertilizer 1 month after planting.
The plant is prepared for summer with fertilizer given in February.

Soil analysis is required for the most accurate fertilization.

Natural soil analysis is suitable for avocado saplings grown in large areas.

You can also give some fertilizer to the avocado in the pot in your home and protect the plant.
Soil that is fertilized must also be rich in minerals.

When you say how avocados grow in soil, humus soils will be a good choice.

When the soil has a pH balance of 6, avocados will grow best.

3) Positioning

It is recommended to put the avocado pot in half-shaded positions.

The leaves of the avocado, which take the sun directly, can dry out.

It is appropriate to take the avocado in a cooler corner, especially if it is dehydrated in the summer sun.

4) Pruning

The pruning period of avocado is the end of winter.

Roots are not left empty to protect the plant from frost and cold in winter.

Leaves that are renewed and dried after spring are removed by hand. Thus, the plant root gets the sun and oxygen more easily.

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When Do I Get The First Fruit From The Avocado Tree?

If you have applied the steps offered to you individually to grow the avocado, you should wait a time now.

We have sad news for those who say “How many months later will I buy the fruit?” The avocado plant begins to bear fruit over the years, not within months.

An avocado seed that you plant today will testify to you and your family over the years, and will start forming fruits after about 5 years.

The fact that those who want to grow avocados have to admit to themselves is that this job is a job of patience.

How to grow avocados at home how to grow one of the answers to your question is growing patiently.

After this information, the seeds of avocados consumed at home will no longer go to waste!

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