How To Grow Carrots At Home: 10 Tips Of Growing Carrots (5 Easy Step)

Those who like to grow carrots at home in flower pots, those who want to grow their peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers with their own hands are here!

Maybe winter has come, you think that nothing will grow but, at home, there are plants you can grow in a pot: carrots!

We take carrots from the colorful faces of winter salads, after using a large portion, we get a carrot again with the rest. Moreover, we do not use such troublesome methods to do this.

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Ingredients Required to Grow Carrots at Home

You may need some equipment to grow carrots in a pot on the balcony. These tools can be obtained from agricultural shops. Let’s take the first step to grow carrots and prepare the required ingredients one by one. If you have prepared the material list completely, the next job is in your hands!

  • Pebbles,
  • Carrot,
  • Glass bowl,
  • A wide flower pot,
  • In terms of Mineral-rich potted soil,
  • Glove,
  • Water.

When to Plant Carrots At Home?

Wondering when to plant carrots, which you can find the most natural taste in winter days? If you are going to plant carrots in pots at home, the planting date is important for you. Experts recommend the time of planting carrots as follows:

Spring season should be preferred for carrot cultivation.

According to some farmers, it is known that it is suitable to be planted in November.

If you try planting carrots on summer days, you won’t have a healthy process due to the climate difference.

On hot days the pot starts to rot and your labor can go to waste.

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10 Tips Of Growing Carrots At Home

We thought you should know some of the tricks of growing carrots in pots inside the house. If you pay attention to these tricks, you can get more efficient results. Here’s what you need to know when growing carrots at home:

The location of the pot where you planted carrots is important. The spots that can see the sun but do not take it at right angles are ideal for flower pots. Carrots can begin to dry if it takes the sun to an extreme.

It is recommended to be controlled in irrigation. Check the soil on your fingers, if you think it is damp, you can delay watering for a few more days.

You can add liquid fertilizers to carrots. If you find organic liquid fertilizers, you can positively support the development of vegetables.

Carrots because of are a downward growing plant, it is recommended to choose the pot deep. You can get efficient results in a deep and wide pot.

Carrots will ripen in an average of 30 days. So, how can you tell ripe? If the greens in the pot are more than 10 cm long, you can tell that is the coming harvest period of the carrots.

If you well preserve the carrot seeds you planted, you can grow carrots from the same seed in the next 4 years.

Carrots, which love the cool climate, can barely grow in hot and humid cities. Therefore, if you are in a hot city and want to grow carrots at home, you should create as cool an environment as possible.

The clay soil of the soil to be preferred during the growing period also affects yield. If you choose clay and humus soil, carrots ripen healthily.

When planting in a large pot, sometimes you may be faced with insects. In such cases, you can get fertilizers that protect the carrot plant from places that sell pesticides.

Germinate the Seed: It is recommended to leave seeds in a damp cloth for a few days. You can follow the germination by checking during the day. You can plant the sprouting seeds in the pot.

How to plant carrots in 5 Easy Steps: Photo Credit: Shutterstock

How to Plant Carrots at Home In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1

The first way to grow carrots at home will be to germinate the carrots.

Add some water to the glass plate to germinate the carrots. You can adjust your plate according to carrots.

Our advice is to belong and wide.

Cut the preferred carrots from the head without any cleaning.

If possible, choose carrots with a stem and greenery on the head.

Leave 2 or 3 fingers thick-cut while cutting. You can consume the remaining carrots by adding them to your meals during the day. You’ll need the head part in the process.

Step 2

Place the head vertically in a watery plate and leave in a position facing the sun.

In this process, sprouting is provided in the head of the carrots.

Fringing will occur at the bottom of sprouting carrots. Change the water it waits for daily to speed up this process.

The time you need to wait will be an average of 1 week.

Step 3

It’s time to plant sprouting carrots. First of all, it is necessary to prepare the flower pot. Put on the gloves and start!

Place pebbles on the base of the flower pot.

It may be enough to place 2 finger thick pebbles.

Add mineral-rich soil over pebbles.

Fill half with soil, depending on the size of the pot.

Now it’s time for planting!

Step 4

If you have filled the pot with soil, place the sprouting carrots in the ground with the head facing the air.

Make sure the carrots aren’t too congested.

If you plant it too adjacent, you can slow growth.

Cover carrots you place in the soil with a very small amount of soil. Do not cover the greening head at this stage.

It must be in open state greening of head.

If the process of closing with soil is finished, you can now give enough life water to allow it to be moistened.

You will not need to be generous when giving life water. Otherwise, carrots can rot.

Step 5

You germinated the carrots and planted them in pots. The queue is in the waiting phase.

You should not neglect the maintenance of carrots to harvest.

You should wait to ripen by watering 2 times a week.

If you’re expecting a result as big and ripe as carrots from the market, we might disappoint you a bit.

When you grow carrots at home in a pot, you get tiny, plump carrots.

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