3 Easy Ways To Grow Onions At Home: 3 Steps with Pictures & Video

3 Easy Steps For Growing Onions at Home

If you like onions very much and want to grow onions in the most natural form in your balcony or garden, we will give you an answer to the question of how to grow onions on this page.

You can create your garden in your home by going through very easy stages, and grow onions in this garden without hormones and medicines.

Those who like Fresh will be quick, and those who like dried onions will be a little patient on this page. When you collect the ripening onions, you will taste the organic onions in your finest dishes. Those who want to grow onions at home with very little ingredients can read this article carefully!

The onion, which will grow in front of your eyes, will be harvested when the time comes and will add flavor to your finest meals.

Here are the step-by-step answers to the question of how to grow fresh, dry onions for those who are curious and self-hobby seekers!

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Materials Required for Growing Onions at Home

When you want to grow onions in your home, you must first prepare the necessary environment and materials you need. If you want to finish planting in a clean environment, you can collect the materials on a large sachet.

Thus, you prevent the soil from spilling on the ground. Now let us remind you of the materials needed to grow onions. After completing these materials, you can set out to plant the onion:

  • The large size and large flower pot – large pet bottle,
  • Organic fertilizer,
  • Mineral-rich soil,
  • Shallots (you will use as seeds),
  • Watering pot or spray.

3 Steps with Pictures: 3 Ways To Grow Onions Easily At Home

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Step 1

When you want to grow the onion at home, take your flower pot, which is colored according to your pleasure, and wash it once.

After washing the flower pot, dry nicely and prepare to pour soil in.

Fill up with half potted mineral-rich soil. Add two handfuls of fertilizer to the soil and blend these two mixtures beautifully.

Fill up half flower pot with enough mineral-rich soil. Add two handfuls of fertilizer to the soil and blend these two mixtures nicely.

Don’t press the soil when you’re stirring the soil. The soil needs to be quite flexible and loose. The darker the color of the soil, the more it is a sign that contains fertilizer.

The pH of the soil you choose for onion also affects yield. You can grow onions well between 6.5 and 7.5 pH.

Let us also inform those who want to grow onions in a pet bottle. Make large holes in 5-liter pet bottles and perform soil pouring in the pet bottle.

If you poured the soil in the flower pot, let’s go to the next step.

It is time to plant shallots in the prepared mixture soil. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Step 2

It is time to plant shallots in the prepared mixture soil.

You can determine the number of shallots according to the size of the pot.

If you bought a long and wide pot; leave 2 fingers between each shallot and place onions in the soil.

At this stage, make sure that the tip of the shallots, pointed parts, are facing upwards. Onions will grow from these tips.

Those who grow onions in a pet bottle should bring the tips of the onion closer to the holes it opens in the pet bottle. The onion will grow out of these holes.

You should add some soil around the shallots. Avoid completely burying the onions under the ground during this process.

You can add soil so that shallots will breathe.

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Step 3

Now your final step will be to place flower pot in a nice position and give it life water.

After planting, make watering not to dilute the soil.

This living water is given to facilitate the holding of shallot onions to the soil.

You can place the watered pot in a semi-shaded location on the balcony or in the garden.

Do not forget that you should protect from intense heat during the first period.

Over time, onions will grow and give greens as fresh onions first.

When you wait for dry a little more, shallots will grow and will have a large place in the pot.

Shallots planted at the end of the last 4 months will become edible onions.

Watch Video: 3 Easy Ways To Grow Onions At Home

What Should Be Considered When Growing Onions At Home? 11 Tips

There are certain periods of growing onions. You can evaluate every moment except for the fall period. The rainy and humid air of autumn can cause rot onions. No matter how much you keep on the balcony, it is affected by seasonal conditions.

As onion will lengthen roots during the growing period; your flower pot selection should be quite extensive. If you are unstable while buying flower pots, you can choose pots 20 cm or more.

There should be a distance of 10 cm between shallots planted in flower pots. Seeds sown too close to each other can slow growth.

The choice of soil in which the onion will perform growth is important. They love clayey and mineral-rich soils. If there is a field or garden nearby, you can also use soil in these lands.

Onions love to fertilize. Fertilization of flower pot before planting process increases the yield. If you grow other plants in flowerpots on the balcony, the onion pot can grow close to these plants. Therefore, you do not need to take the onion pot in a remote place.

When onion moves to a different position from where used, it suddenly undergoes heat change. This heat change can cause to become an insect of onion. For this reason, you should choose your location correctly from the first day.

Do not forget to water the onion. You can control the flower pot with 2 days interval and make the irrigation process.

When it comes to the harvest period, that is, when the onions grow and dry, you should stop watering for about 15 days to collect more easily. Stopping watering before harvesting helps you pick the onion more easily.

Onion for them to grow healthily, the temperature of the environment is important. Onions, which can remain strong up to -8 degrees, are best grown at 22 degrees.

You can grow onions at a temperature between these two figures. It does not freeze onion -8 degrees in winter, but you should still prepare a temperate environment.

Growing onions in a flower pot or a pet bottle can be one of your biggest hobbies. If you prefer a pet bottle, you should choose a bottle of at least 2.5 liters.

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