Bepanthen Cream: Benefits, Uses, Types, Warnings & More

Bepanthen cream, which is sold both in pharmacies and online and among the most talked-about creams of the last days, eliminates not only care cream but also many other skin problems.

How to use Bepanthen cream? The answer to all your curious questions is only at!

Thanks to Provitamin B-5, also known as dexpanthenol, Bepanthen cream, which acts as a “skin repair”, helps the skin to renew, keep it supple and moist.

It is used to improve dry and worn skin. Bepanthen cream, with its new name, beponthel cream is a product that you can easily find both on websites and in pharmacies.

This moisturizing cream, produced by the Bayer company in 1944, is among the things everyone should have at home. You can use this cream, which does not bother as it has no smell, in summer and winter.


What is Bepanthen Cream?

Bepanthen Cream (Bepanthol); Bepanthen cream, which can be used in different areas; You can use it to provide moisture to the skin, to treat acne (acne) and acne scars, to relieve cracked and tense skin, to protect the skin from the damage of external factors.

The most important feature of bepanthen cream keeps skin moist for a long time. This cream, which is approved by the Turkish Pediatric Association, provides extra care for the skin by showing effect in a short time thanks to ProVitamin B5 and Lanolin, it also has natural herbal content.

This cream, which shows effect immediately from lip cracks to dry skin, renews the cells in a short time and has a restorative feature.

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Benefits Of Bepanthen Cream To Skin

ProVitamin B5 and Lanolin in this cream, approved by the World Health Organization, provide skincare by showing effect in a short time, as well as natural herbal content. Here are the benefits of Bepanthen cream;

Bepanthen cream keeps the skin with moisture, balances the moisture. It speeds up the skin’s self-renewal process.

It supports the strengthening of sensitive skin. Keeps skin healthy and moist.

Bepanthen cream and Bepanthen ointment contain lanolin which allows the skin to breathe and is also very effective for passing diaper rash in babies. It is a cream that mothers who are sensitive about their baby’s skin must try.

This cream allows the burned area to heal in a short time, this cell repairing cells also reduces the pain of the burned area.

Bepanthen cream accelerates the healing process of wounds.

The nipple is used to destroy cracks.

Also known as bepanthol cream, it is used effectively in the treatment of sunburns.

It can easily be used to treat lip cracks.

If Bepanthen plus cream is applied to the face, the answer to the question is yes. This cream, which is used all over the body, will be applied on the face to make you look more vibrant, shiny, refreshed.

Bepanthen ointment moisturizes skin as well as provides an oil balance of the skin. People with all skin types can use easily.


The Surprising Ways To Use Bepanthen Cream

To use Bepanthen cream, you should take care that your skin is completely cleansed from makeup. Wash and dry with warm water before use.

Before going to bed in the evening, clean your skin thoroughly, and apply the cream beautifully. Clean with warm water when you wake up in the morning.

If you apply to your skin before making up, it will keep makeup on your face throughout the day. Take a small amount in your hand and apply equally to your entire face.

You can apply 2 times a day. The most important thing to note is that when applied to the nipple, you should always wash and clean before breastfeeding.

Bepanthen Cream Types

Bepanthen Cream (Bepanthol): This cream, which is the savior of oily skin, comes to the fore with its redness and repair feature in irritated areas.

Bepanthen Plus Cream: It can be used on normal, dry, and combination skin. It is called Plus because of the more intense and rich in content than normal bepanthen cream. When applied to new wounds, you will be surprised by the speed of healing by helping the skin.

Bepanthen Ointment: when you squeeze the ointment, a little yellow liquid comes in, which indicates that it is oily. It is used in rashes, wounds, burns, cuts in infants and children. It must be used regionally.

Therapeutic properties that occur in adolescence for acne and acne scars, doctors often advise can be tested at relieving acne.

Although Bepanthen suffers from pubescence, this formation happens because it feeds on the fine hairs that exist on the face.

If you choose the type that suits your skin, you will see the effect. You will notice that even acne spots that formed years ago do not exist thanks to regular use.


Very effective care bepanthen ointment may be inconvenient to use in some cases.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy.

The skin should be washed and cleaned before applying to absolute skin.

It is known to heal nipple cracks. It will be enough to apply after breastfeeding the baby.

You should be very careful when applying around the eyes.

It should never be rubbed into the mouth.

This is a natural cream, has no side effects.

This is a natural cream, will be healthier to use by consulting your doctor.

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