5 Proven Health Benefits Of Fruit Teas: Types, Uses And How to Prepare?

Fruit teas are a good way to keep your body’s water level high. If you do not like to drink water simply, do not hesitate to prepare these delicious recipes.

One of the best alternative ways to increase your water consumption is to make fruit teas. As most people already know, keeping the amount of water in your body high is one of the keys to well keeping your physical and mental health.

Therefore is often recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

The problem is that most people don’t like to drink water on their own because they don’t like the taste. Therefore, fruit-added water recipes have become a trend, especially among people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

In this article, we will take a look at five different fruit teas recipes, benefits of fruit teas, that you can make at home.


What Are The Health Benefits Of Fruit Teas? How to Make?

Making fruit teas at home can help you increase your options when comes to aroma. Thus, drinking water during the day will not be boring and even the amount of nutritional value you receive will be even higher.

Remember that fruits are full of extremely healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Let’s try these recipes!

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Fruit Teas

1.Fruit Tea With Raspberry And Mint

This fruit tea is very healthy because of the amount of antioxidants and fiber. The first fruit teas we recommend in this article is made with raspberry and mint.

These ingredients contain antioxidants, fibers, and minerals to help keep your body healthy and increase the amount of water you take. If you don’t have raspberries, you can use strawberries instead.


  • 200 grams raspberries,
  • 500ml water,
  • Mint according to your taste.

How to Prepare?

1) First, boil the water.

2) When the water reaches the boiling point, add the raspberry and mint and leave it at room temperature.

3) Then put to fridge your drink.

4) Drink two or three times a day.

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2. Fruit Tea With Orange And Blackberry

This delicious tea is ideal for keeping a high amount of water in your body and strengthening your immune system.

Both orange and blackberry have vitamin C, which is an essential food to strengthen your body’s defenses. Also, the fact that this substance is a perfect mixture of water and fiber means that it is also very easy to digest.


How to Prepare?

1) First, start by dividing a few sliced oranges and by washing blackberries.

2) Next, boil the water and add fruit.

3) Then, when becomes warm water, put water in the fridge or add ice.

4) Drink two or three times a day.

3. Fruit Tea With Cranberry And Lemon

This drink is highly invigorating and has a high nutritional value.

In addition to keeping you cool, consuming this fruit teas helps you deal with urinary tract infections and indigestion.

Moreover, antioxidants help you cope with oxidative stress and strengthen your body’s defenses against viruses and bacteria.


  • 200 grams cranberry,
  • 3 lemon,
  • 750ml water,
  • Ice according to your taste.

How to Prepare?

1) Wash the cranberries and put them in a jug of water.

2) Then slice lemon and add them to water.

3) Leave your drink for at least two hours to increase aroma.

4) When this time ends, add as much ice as you want and drink.

5) You can drink this drink two or three times a day.


4. Fruit Tea With Orange And Kiwi

This sour tea consisting of orange and Kiwi will help you keep a high amount of water your body, as well as give your body an extra dose of vitamin C.

The constant consumption of this tea will affect your kidney function in a good way by eliminating the edema in your body. Also, taste is extremely pleasing.


  • 2 oranges,
  • 3 peeled Kiwi,
  • 750ml water.

How to Prepare?

1) First, cut into a few slices without peeling oranges.

2) Then peel kiwi and cut them any way you want.

3) Next, these ingredients put into a jug of water.

4) Leave tea for two hours in the fridge.

5) Drink three or four times a day.

5. Fruit Tea With Watermelon And Coconut

This fruit tea is ideal for hot summer days because is both refreshing and has a high nutritional value.

The combination of watermelon and coconut water is exhilarating simply.

You can consume this fruit teas on hot summer days. Of course, you can also make this recipe often to enhance the healthy drinks you drink.


  • 200 grams diced watermelon,
  • 750 ml coconut water,
  • Juice of half a lemon.

How to Prepare?

1) First, separate watermelon from the shell and chop it into dice.

2) When you get the recommended amount of watermelon, put them in a jar and cover with coconut water.

3) Leave this mixture for two hours and then add the juice of half a lemon.

4) Put as much ice as you want and enjoy it!

Now that you know these delicious fruit teas recipes, don’t forget to make these recipes at home! As you can see, these recipes will provide your body with important nutrients, along with other benefits.

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