10 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Apple Peel Tea: Recipes & Uses

This article contains useful information about the benefits and damages of apple peel tea. For those who use and drink apple peel to boil apple peel cough, apple tea is good for the stomach, when to drink apple peel tea cough, apple tea is questioning benefits of skin. What are the benefits to skin and hair of apple peel tea is a matter of curiosity.

What Is Apple Peel Tea?

Apple is a fruit that is rich in red, green, yellow or rose colors and has numerous vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and other nutritional values. This oval-shaped fruit, which is a source of energy, is also very beneficial for skin, hair and overall health.

It is recommended to eat at least one apple a day to take advantage of these benefits. Apple, which is rich in antioxidants, contains a significant amount of quercetin components. Therefore, Apple is considered to be quite effective especially for hair and skin health.

If you regret throwing away the shells you peeled after eating apples, you can hide them and prepare a cup of hot apple peel tea. In this case, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of health while enjoying its flavor.

Just always make sure the Apple you use is organic to avoid chemicals. The most wonderful and beneficial thing about apple peel tea is that it comes entirely from nature.


10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Apple Peel Tea

1. Vitamin Resource

Apple peels are a source of vitamin A and vitamin C, which are important for eye and skin health. These vitamins are ideal for supporting both the immune system and eye and skin health. In addition to these, apple peel tea containing vitamin K is also very important for cell structure and folate production in the body.

2. Mineral Resource

Apple peels are rich in calcium and phosphorus to help anemia sufferers. It also contains zinc, sodium, magnesium and sufficient amounts of iron. These minerals are very useful for healthy bone and tooth structure. Apple peels contain folic acid and iron, which are important for women.

3. Fiber Source

Since apple peels are a source of edible fiber, they are an ideal option for weight loss by targeting the fat tissue in the body. These fibers not only cleanse the immune system but also help regulate bowel movements. These fibers also help to protect the cardiovascular system and digestive health.

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4. Source of Antioxidants

Apple peels are quite rich in natural antioxidants that can cope with free radicals. Apple peels containing natural phenolic acid, antioxidants and flavonoids are effective to prevent digestive disorders, heart attack risk, and diabetes by fighting free radicals.

5. Apple Peel Tea is Good for Respiratory and Lung Problems

Consumption of apple, as well as apple peel, is recommended by experts. It is said that Apple peel tea may affect the smooth functioning of lung functions because they host a compound known as quercetin.

Apple peels can also be useful for respiratory problems. The quercetin component protects against brain tissue damage and memory loss.


7. Provides Blood Sugar Control

Apple is recognized as a beneficial nutrient for blood sugar levels. In the same way, Apple peels work as a retardant to the activity of enzymes responsible for blood sugar, preventing the breakdown of starch. As a result, blood sugar levels decrease by acting on the release of sugar in the blood.

8. Prevents Gallstones Formation

Apple peels are quite rich in fiber; therefore they are ideal for preventing gallstones formation. When cholesterol levels increase in the body, bile solidifies indirectly and gallstones form over time.

To avoid this situation, it will be useful to add fiber-rich apple peels to your diet program. Apple fruit is also quite good for treating this condition.

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9. Protects Against Cancer

Apple is known for protecting against serious diseases such as cancer. The whole reason is hidden in the peels.

According to the University of Wisconsin tests, antioxidants in apple peel slow the growth of cells to prevent cancers such as prostate and breast cancer. In research results, Apple peels have been recommended to be consumed for their anti-cancer properties. It has also been observed to protect against heart disease in some studies.

10.Supports Muscle Structure

Researches have shown that apple peels may be useful for chronic health problems because they contain a highly concentrated substance called ursolic.

The benefit of ursolic acid to muscle growth is known. On the other hand, it also reduces body fat and lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Is Apple Peel Tea Good for Weight Loss?

Helps to lose weight is a common health concern associated with obesity, diabetes and fatty liver conditions.

A recent study by University of Iowa researchers has shown that the natural ingredients apple peel possesses can protect the body from obesity and its harmful effects.

The substance, known as ursolic acid, found in apple peel promotes novelization, burns fat, protects tissues and helps burn calories. Thus, it reduces the risk of obesity.

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Benefits To Skin

It promotes skin health, Apple peels are rich in vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols, so it fights free radicals and gives skin a youthful appearance.

  • Its polyphenols protect the skin against the damage of ultraviolet rays.
  • Antioxidants improve the quality of skin cells.
  • Apple peels, on the other hand, also take vitamin C supplements to equalize skin tone and prevent premature aging.

Preparation and Brewing of Apple Peel Tea



  • Add the apple peels, cinnamon, cloves and water to a saucepan, cover and leave to simmer.
  • After boiling a stone, turn down the bottom and cook for another 10 minutes.
  • Add the lemon zest and continue to cook for a few more minutes.
  • In the process of leaving the brew, add spices, lemon grater, and honey.

Apple Peel Tea with Cinnamon Recipe


  • 5 pieces apple peel
  • 1 piece of cinnamon stick
  • 2 tsp black tea
  • 600ml water
  • 1 tsp lemon juice and honey


Add apple peels, 2 teaspoons of black tea, 1 stick of cinnamon, 1-2 teaspoons of honey, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 600ml of juice in a pot.

Boil the mixture over medium heat. Strain the tea into a heat-resistant jug after cooking for another 5 minutes. Divide into cups and serve hot.

Side Effects

Consuming apple tea during pregnancy and lactation: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should avoid drinking apple peel tea. It can cause allergic reactions in humans susceptible to the Rosaceae family.

Apple tea may interact with the effects of some drugs. Therefore, as usual, before drinking apple tea you should be sure to consult your doctor.


This article contains useful information about the benefits and damages of apple peel tea. For those who use and drink apple peel to boil apple peel cough, apple tea is good for the stomach, when to drink apple peel tea cough, apple tea is questioning benefits of skin. What are the benefits to skin and hair of apple peel tea is a matter of curiosity.

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