Top 17 Best Health Benefits Of Peanuts (Mungfali) & Pine Nuts

Peanuts has been consumed as a food source for centuries. Peanuts are good for health. Because of this feature, provides use in treatment of diseases in field of alternative medicine. Peanuts are dried and stored for a long time. It is possible to take advantage of benefits of peanuts as a whole year.

What is Peanuts?

Peanuts are usually grown in same appearance relative to regions. However, peanut kernels are different in some regions.

For example, seeds of peanuts grown in Russia and Altai regions are smaller than in other regions. Whether peanuts have same meaning in terms of health benefits is still subject of research.

The reason why peanuts are beneficial for health is because of rich amount of vitamins contains. Peanuts contain an average of 567 calories. It contain vitamins A, E, C and are very rich in iron, copper, calcium and magnesium.


12 Best Health Benefits Of Peanuts

It contributes to our health with help of rich foods contains. Peanuts, which reduce risk of developing stomach cancer, protect skin health, good for heart health, because of antioxidant properties are useful for general health.

It is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce risk of skin diseases, including internal organs. It is beneficial to digestive system. In particular, can minimize risk of developing cancer.

1. Against Colon Cancer

Can reduce risk of colon cancer, especially women. Eating at least two spoonfuls of peanut butter per week reduces rate of colon cancer in men and women by 27% to 58%. This feature of peanuts is just one of benefits for women.

2. Prevents Stomach Cancer

Contains a high level of polyphenolic acids. Thus, P-gambling acids reduce risk of developing stomach cancer by reducing proliferation of carcinogenic nitro aminos.

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3. Benefits to Nervous Diseases

Polyphenolic acids contained in peanuts are also useful for heart health as well as nerve health. In addition, viral, fungal infections prevent. Peanuts also help benefit alzheimer’s disease.

4. Benefits to Gallstones

Peanuts or peanut butter is useful for gallbladder health. Only 2 tablespoons peanut butter per week prevents formation of gallbladder stone and protects gallbladder health.

5. Good for Cholesterol

Peanuts are good for cholesterol. It lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. Peanuts, which contain monounsaturated fats and oleic acids, prevent coronary heart disease.


6. Against Depression

Contain tryptophan, an. Tryptafon increases level of serotonin and helps to eliminate causes of depression. Peanuts are also useful for nerve health in general.

7. Makes Easy to Weight Loss

Eating two tablespoons of peanut butter at least twice a week can eliminate problem of obesity, especially in women. In the morning breakfast, eating peanut butter in small amounts makes easy to lose weight.

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8. Helps Fertility

Consumption before or during pregnancy reduces folic acid by 70%. This reduces risk of low fertility while helping to fertilize.

9. Regulates Blood Sugar

The nutrients, fat and carbohydrates contained in peanut help balance blood sugar level.

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10. Reducing Risk of Stroke

Especially peanut resveratrol in other peanut species, increases production of nitric oxide balances heart strokes. This reduces risk of stroke and heart attack when is beneficial to heart health.

  • Peanuts are useful for development. In particular, amino acids contained in peanuts are useful for healthy growth and bodybuilding.
  • Peanuts are high in antioxidants. When peanuts are consumed by boiling, antioxidants contains become more effective. Thus, increases from 2 to 4 times biokanin-A and genestes, thus is beneficial for general health by breaking effect of free radicals in body.

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11. Storage Vitamins and Mineral

Besides vitamin B6, vitamins B9, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, as well as pantothenic acid which is very useful in terms of health.

Potassium, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium, zinc peanuts are some of minerals. The vitamins and minerals listed above are vital to health of organs.

12. Energy Store

  1. Contains high-value vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that make peanut a powerful source of energy.
  2. Contains vitamin E in peanuts. Thus is beneficial for skin health.
  3. Beneficial for psoriasis. Peanuts are also good for skin diseases such as eczema, skin redness.
  4. Protein content is useful for cell health.
  5. Help protect health of brain cells.
  6. Provides to clean and remove oxides from body.
  7. Which provides healthier blood flow to skin, is beneficial for general skin health.
  8. Because of contains vitamin E, peanuts protect skin and skin from harmful sun rays.
  9. Peanut butter is used to remove skin from dead cells and dirt in face masks.
  10. Very useful for overall hair health.
  11. Which contain omega 3 oils, prevent hair loss and also helps to soften and shiny appearance.

Other Benefits Of Peanuts

It contain foods that are beneficial for general health. Peanuts reduce risk of cancer types, including breast and colon cancer.

Which are useful for general nervous system health, also contribute to brain health.

  1. Groundnut is beneficial to digestive system. Contains vitamins that protect health of digestive system.
  2. That increases sexual power can be part of healthy sexual life.
  3. Which provides healthy muscle and bone structure, strengthens bones.
  4. Helps body to fulfill energy spent, strengthens.
  5. Which help lower cholesterol levels in blood, thus protects health of heart and arteries.
  6. Peanuts are good for healthy functioning of mind functions.

Benefits of Pistachio

Pistachio has many benefits in terms of health as in other peanut species. Vitamins, minerals and components contained in pistachios are vital in maintaining health of body.

The health benefits of pistachio can be listed as follows:

  • Pistachio helps to preserve nerve health. Provides mental calmness.
  • Pistachio, which is beneficial for stomach health, balances acid content required for stomach health.
  • Pistachio contributes to kidney health. Pistachio against kidney pain may be effective.
  • Pistachio increases sexual power, helps regulate sexual life.
  • Pistachio is effective against lung inflammation; In lung can resolve problems such as inflammation, infection.

Benefits of Pine Nuts

Pine nuts, pine trees in cones are obtained by drying inside. Pine nut with a high nutritional value is very useful for health.

Pine nuts have many benefits. Benefits of pine nuts can be listed as follows:

  • It contain foods that are close to breast milk and increase breast milk.
  • Pine nuts are useful for cough, regular consumption of pine nuts reduces risk of getting cough problems.
  • The immune system can become stronger with help of pine nuts.
  • Pine nuts are useful for asthma and bronchitis diseases. Asthma and bronchitis attacks can be milder with help of pine nuts.
  • Pine nuts are beneficial for bone health, iron required for bone health is very high in pine nuts.
  • Pine nuts are also thought to be good for chest diseases such as bronchitis and shortness of breath.

Damages Of Peanuts

All types of peanuts have health benefits in general. However, excessive consumption can have side effects.

Peanuts are also closely related to health status of person.

There are different opinions about cholesterol.

Therefore, we recommend that people who have cholesterol problems consume peanuts in consultation with their doctors.

X All types of peanuts, especially peanuts, contain excessive amounts of fat, excessive consumption can cause weight, skin acne and similar problems.

Unless excessive consumption is observed, peanuts are considered safe to consume during pregnancy. However, overdoing may cause some health problems.

According to person’s condition, peanut can cause skin allergy problem.

Plantshospital.Com Recommendations

In general terms, is possible to say that peanuts have incredible benefits in terms of health and very few side effects. We recommend regular consumption of peanut and peanut butter.

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