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Herbal Teas And Benefits

Herbal teas in recent years, flavor-weighted foods to eat, flavor-weighted teas or liquids have been added to the drinking.

More and more often we drink sugary, acidic, additive-dyed drinks. When we got used to extreme flavors and flavors, we couldn’t enjoy the original flavors and flavors of Nature enough.

Have you ever tried drinking the occasional herbal teas, except black tea, coffee, decked and sugary fizzy soft drinks? These plants are a gift of nature.

When used correctly and consciously, they are also a source of health.
Some have a toxin-relieving effect, while others have draining, slackening and relaxing properties of the digestive system. Some plants are intended to weaken and some to keep water in nature.

Not every plant’s tea is made in the same way. For example, herbs such as sage and thyme should not be boiled. Useful substances in this type of plant can become harmful by overboiling.

If sage is boiled for more than 3 minutes, it will lose its health-related properties. This plant must be brewed. Some plants, on the contrary, need to be boiled and extracted. Linden, galangal, turmeric are examples of this type of plant.

It is generally better to drink herbal teas alone. Mixing and using more than 2 or 3 plants at the same time is not very accurate except in special circumstances.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Herbal Teas?


Linden Tea Fighting With Germs

Linden tea, which is the most traditional treatment method for common cold and flu, is a good supporter of these diseases as well as strengthening the immune system and being used for coughing.

It prevents the irritation of the throat with contents and also helps to repair the irritation with a painkiller and anti-inflammatory effect.

It is also effective against stress with sedative properties and also relaxes with sweaty effect in case of illness. Linden tea, which has diuretic properties, can be consumed easily by every individual, including babies older than 6 months.

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Chamomile Tea Against Depression

Chamomile tea is called a natural antidepressant with the effect of calming and calming the nerves. It helps prevent insomnia by fighting stress-related sleep problems.

It is especially helpful in relieving the tension and menstrual pain experienced by women during the period.

It contains alpha-bisabolol and azulene, which is good for stomach ailments such as ulcers, heartburn.

It can be used to prevent gas spasms in infants older than 6 months.

An important point to note in chamomile tea; as many of the chamomile varieties are poisonous, dried chamomile to be used in the making of tea should be taken from reliable places.

Fennel Tea For Mothers And Children

Fennel tea, which is beneficial for every age group from babies to mothers older than 6 months, softens the muscles and reduces gas and bloating by being good for spasms. Increases the production of breast milk.

Women increase the effects of estrogen premenstrual syndrome and menopause period is good. The antimicrobial effect strengthens immunity.

Children who have an appetite problem and do not eat regularly have an appetite-boosting feature in their regular consumption.

Mint Tea For Nausea

Mint tea protects the body by fighting viruses, tumors and bacteria with its antioxidant properties. The sedative effect of heartburn, nausea, such as in cases of positive effects.

It reduces heartburn in reflux patients. It helps to soften the throat and remove dryness with volatile components.

Infection-foe Rosehip Tea

Rosehip tea is characterized as the main crown of herbal teas that provide vitality and support immunity with its intense vitamin content such as C, B1, B12.

It protects the body against infections with antioxidant structure. It is seen as an effective blood cleanser and rickets remedy with contents.

It energizes individuals with chronic fatigue. It protects eye health with vitamin A and carotenoid content.

Natural Antibiotic Sage Tea

It strengthens immunity thanks to the natural antibiotic found in its leaves. In cases of cold, both prevents the growth of bacteria and helps to eliminate the cough.

It also helps to clean the sinuses and lungs if the vapor is inhaled. Effective in reducing diarrhea and stomach cramps. It promotes brain development by strengthening memory with the ability to destroy the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine.

However, it is recommended not to use estrogen for children before puberty and during pregnancy because of causes contractions.

Calming Melissa Tea

Melissa tea is good for low and medium depression treatment with soothing ingredients. Also, it helps to eliminate digestive system problems such as indigestion, gas, bloating and colic.

It plays an active role in fighting viruses and especially on the herpes virus thanks to essential oil found in leaves.

Rosmarinic acid, one of the ingredients, helps to increase the learning and perception functions of the brain.

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