14 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Jasmine Tea: Recipe, Uses & More

What Are Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea?

Jasmine is a flowering plant in tropical regions. Jasmine tea is a fragrant tea prepared from jasmine flowers. Among main types of jasmine tea are white tea, black tea, green tea and oolong tea.

Jasmine tea, usually made using tea, can also be made from oolong tea. Loose tea leaves are blended with Jasmine’s flowers so that tea mixes with a mild sweet and aromatic aroma.

Sometimes jasmine tea is not considered as plant tea because of is actually a green tea with a fragrant jasmine flower. It is very beneficial to health because of contains high levels of antioxidants.

Some of health benefits of jasmine tea are strong to reduce risk of heart attack, support a strong immune system, and prevent diabetes.

On the other hand, jasmine tea to reduce stress at same time helps prevent cancer, improves digestion process and reduces cholesterol values.

It also eliminates harmful bacteria and alleviates muscle and other networks resulting from chronic inflammation.

One of reasons why jasmine tea is very popular is that its organic tea buds contain nutrients that are very beneficial to many health conditions.

Drinking jasmine tea is a great way to get rid of rare and useful antioxidants in our bodies, such as catechins and epigatechins. It is beneficial effects can be observed a wide range on body.


Wonderful Health Benefits Of Jasmine Tea

+ It Reduces Stress: Smell of jasmine tea mixed with green tea is very effective for relieving stress along with soothing properties. Thus reduces tension and anxiety. If you feel stressed or anxious, a cup of jasmine tea will help you feel more relaxed.

It also relieves headaches and muscle aches. Some important studies have shown that smell of jasmine tea brings a calming effect to heart rate and senses.

According to another study, inhalation of jasmine tea for at least five minutes reduces heart rate and ensures a calm mood.

+ Antioxidant: It is the most praised side of soft and delicious taste in high antioxidant properties. The most important antioxidants that has are catechins of jasmine tea.

Green tea is most commonly used tea with melissa tea, but based on antioxidant properties, melisa tea contains antioxidants with different properties.

For example, black tea contains high levels of theaflavin; on the other hand, green tea contains high levels of catechin, but effect on both antioxidants is observed differently in body.

Antioxidants support immune system by detecting harmful substances or free radicals that can cause disease.

As stated, catechins antioxidants are the most important reason for demand of jasmine tea, because catechins are very effective in preventing some serious diseases in body.

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+ Supports Cardiovascular Health: It is known to be very effective in improving cardiovascular health. Because jasmine tea prevents LDL cholesterol, thus preventing condition of bad LDL cholesterol from being inflamed.

This reduces rate of blood flow in body, thus reducing in risk of heart attack.

+ Reduces Risk Of Cancer: Jasmine tea’s antioxidant rate is high so it can fight free radicals that are deformed in body.

These free radicals can be effective in development of cancer in body has been identified features. Antioxidants also have a slowing effect on the aging process.


+ Anti-aging: Free radicals can disrupt treatment of your skin and cause wrinkles. Another advantage of antioxidants is that prevents premature aging by slowing down this condition.

It has a high antioxidant rate so is capable of fighting deformed free radicals. These free radicals are harmful in many ways, as well as accelerating aging process; they are also known to be associated with cancer.

It therefore prevents development of cancer. Jasmine tea has antioxidants known to slow aging process is the most effective method.

+ Regulates Blood Circulation: It helps improve blood circulation, thus preventing thrombosis, stroke, blood clotting, brain injury and high blood pressure caused by high blood pressure.

+ It is Effective For Diabetes: Consuming jasmine tea is good for negative effects of diabetes. Diabetes metabolizes sugar, but jasmine tea helps prevent diabetes.

+ It Supports Immune System: Antioxidants that contain jasmine tea prevent infections that attack body like flu and colds. The chemicals in jasmine tea prevent growth of bacteria entering body.

+ It is Good For Colds And Flu: Antiviral and anti-bacterial especially jasmine tea helps to prevent decline of flu and cold. If you feel these diseases, you may want to think about brewing jasmine tea, or if you are already sick, drinking jasmine tea will be very effective for you to express symptoms of disease more quickly.

+ Fights with Bacteria: The tea not only fights harmful bacteria, also supports formation of bacteria which are useful for body; is very important for digestion and general intestinal health.

Adequate amounts of useful bacteria in intestine help with conditions such as IBS and ulcers.

+ It Helps To Lose Weight And Gives Energy: Jasmine is a very advantageous option for those who want to lose weight. Drinking this special tea accelerates metabolism and helps to lose weight; also helps to feel more energetic.

However, jasmine tea is very effective for less fat and less cholesterol. A tea is already a pleasant taste, so there is usually no need for extra milk or sugar to sweeten flavor, such as other herbal teas.

+ It Prevents Rheumatism And Joint Pain: Besides reducing problems such as anxiety and tension, Jasmine tea, which has many other benefits, is also known for relaxing effect of muscles; this medicinal tea relieves pain and joint pain caused by rheumatism.

Jasmine tea’s elements reduce pain and infection caused by harmful cellular oxygenation which causes discomfort in individuals.

Regular consumption of this tea will prevent inflammation by reducing formation of these diseases.

+ Provides Attention And Concentration: Green tea with jasmine and is a source of caffeine. This feature provides a highly stimulating effect on mental awareness and ability to stay awake.


Jasmine Tea Recipe

Preparation Of Jasmine Tea

  1. The secret to brewing a good tea is fresh cold water.
  2. Boil your water for a clean teapot.
  3. When water boils, add tea leaves to your teapot.
  4. For white jasmine tea, use about 2 teaspoons of tea per cup.
  5. For other jasmine teas, only 1 teaspoon of tea per cup should be used.
  6. You can watch table below to select appropriate water temperature and brewing time for jasmine tea.
  7. Boiling 3 to 5 minutes of black jasmine.
  8. White jasmine 185 ° 5-8 minutes.
  9. Green jasmine 160 ° 1-2 minutes.
  10. Oolong jasmine boiling 2-3 minute.

Lemonade Recipe With Jasmine Green Tea

1. Boil 16 cups (1 gallon) of water and cool for 10 minutes until 190 °.

2. Mix cup with raw sugar and ½ cup of organic jasmine green tea.

3. Brew for 10 minutes.

4. Then strain tea leaves and pour tea into a jug filled with 1 gallon of ¼ ice.

5. Add 1/3 freshly squeezed lemon juice until ice melts and mix.

6. Cool by holding refrigerator. Serve with ice, mint leaves and sliced lemons.

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Jasmine Tea With Ginger Recipe

4 green tea bags with jasmine.

4 cups of boiled water.

 4 cm sized ginger particles, shredded and finely sliced.

• Step 1: Place tea bags into a heat-resistant pot. Add boiling water. Finally, add ginger and stir for 10 minutes to stir..

• Step 2: Remove the tea bags, drain tea and prepare for service.

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Tonic Recipe With Jasmine Tea

Both jasmine and green tea have unique benefits for skin. Jasmine has been used for centuries to keep skin soft and to protect skin from environmental damage caused by weather changes.

The antioxidant properties of green tea help prevent skin wrinkles by removing free radicals which cause aging.

  •  Teaspoon of jasmine green tea leaf(please note that real jasmine tea does not contain tea leaves, jasmine flowers are inoculated into green tea leaves)
  • 1 glass of filtered water.
  • 1 cotton cloth.
  • Put tea leaves into a tea cup and add hot water on top to leave for 5 minutes to brew.

Make sure face is thoroughly cleaned and dry before use. Soak your face cloth and gently saying to follow tea.

You can also apply this tonic on body after bathing or shower. After applying tonic, there is no need to wash tonic with water again.

Areas Of Use Of Jasmine Plant

Today, jasmine plant is mainly used in beauty and health sector.

• One of two ways to use jasmine plant is to use as an aromatherapy product and the other as a volatile oil.

• Volatile oil, hydrophobic liquid, contains high concentration of local fruit juices. In other words, content of essential jasmine oil comes from oil of jasmine plant.

Damages Of Jasmine Tea

  • Following recommended consumption may cause to be observed some side effects.
  • For example, Jasmine tea’s caffeine feature increases attention and reduces drowsiness.
  • Caffeine also triggers stress and insomnia hormones, so is not recommended to drink too much jasmine tea.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not recommended to consume jasmine tea because of caffeine content.
  • Take full advantage of this wonderful scented tea.
  • Do not drink more than 2 glasses of jasmine tea a day so you will avoid side effects.

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