What Are Lice? How Do You Get? How is Transmitted? How is Treated?

What Are Lice? How is Treated?

Lice is not known whether there is a mother who is calm when she hears the name of lice, who accepts the natural endings of her child and shares with her surroundings. In real life, the issue of lice turns into a matter of pride.

You are called from school, your child is lice, but is said to be no one, you can protect this information with confidence if possible buy anti-flea products from a foreign pharmacy and start the struggle.

In fact, disease is no different than spreading germs to each other but has been going on for years. However, it is actually head lice it’s not that big a deal. Keep your world and yourself and your child narrow; take the necessary measures.


How is Understood Lice in Hair?

Itchiness of the head is the first sign of lice. Itching, especially lice to feed the blood absorbed by the night hours, is more severe. The cause of itching is an allergic reaction developed by the body against saliva while lice are sucking blood after sticking to the scalp.

On the scalp can stay alive for about 30 days. It can be seen on the scalp. Most of the time, however, it is easier to catch their eggs. Little grey white crustaceans, what we call a lice of vinegar, are the eggs of the lice.

The size of the eggs is approximately 0.8-1 mm. Vinegar cling to the hair tight, unlike dandruff sickle or brushing do not leave hair. 7-10 days after they turn into live parasites. In dubious cases, especially the back of the ear and back of the neck should be investigated in a well-lit environment.

What Is The Most Effective Method of Cleansing?

Medications used to treat lice should always be used with a doctor’s advice and the way the doctor tells. There are different shampoos and lotions with chemical content used for this purpose. But the lethal effect of no drugs is not 100 percent.

For this reason, in addition to medication treatment, vinegar should be removed frequently using special Combs. It is important to remember that both stages of treatment are equally important for eggs to become alive lice after a while.

What can be Done to Protect From Lice?

It is important to observe the rules of personal hygiene. Some shampoos used in the treatment of lice also have protective effects.

It may be useful to use them at the recommended frequency. Products such as lice buckle, badge, product is contained in the content of lice and lice do not come into the environment. However, this substance should not be in direct contact with the skin. Also, it does not like the smell of lavender.

It is a Complete Nuisance!

It that passes easily from person to person and makes a new start to their life cause a crazy itch. They usually live in human hair and leave their eggs in the hair. In the gray-colored insect species cause itching and discomfort because they are nourished by absorbing blood.


How to Clean From Hair?

There are many different ways to get rid of lice that settle into your hair and cause severe itching. We have explained these methods one by one by trying your home.

1. Shampoos

Shampoos with toxic substances for lice have long been used as a way of getting rid of the most popular lice. You should apply shampoo to your hair like other shampoos, but after applying the shampoo to your hair, you should wait a few minutes instead of rinsing immediately.

But you need to know that you can’t get definitive results with shampoos. If lice lay their eggs in your hair, unfortunately, there is nothing that shampoos can do about it.

2. Cut Your Hair

The easiest way to get rid of the real troubles in your head is to cut your hair completely or number one. The lice need 1 inch of hair to survive. If you do not get short cut you need to cut your hair, lice will continue to be a pain in your head.

3. Hair Dryer

With the help of these devices, you can kill some lice, but they can’t be said to have taken over half of your scalp and this is an effective method because these devices can’t reach anywhere.

4. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise makes you choke to death. There are some medications that can do this, but your doctor will prescribe the best medication for your skin. That’s why we only describe natural methods.

Mayonnaise treatment also has a 100% chance of failure. It can survive after your strangulation effort. But if you don’t prefer to shave your hair, you need to sit in your head for a couple of hours with mayonnaise.

Because the most effective method after hair cut is to put mayonnaise on your head, wait for to wrap up with a stretch.

Cleaning House

If you want to get rid of the lice settled in your scalp forever, you should consider some solutions for your home with your hair. Here are some suggestions to clean your house after attacks:

Beds: Bedsheets, blankets, and pillowcases should be thrown to the dryer at high temperature for 30-40 minutes.

Sofa & Armchairs: Sweep with vacuum cleaner and cover for 2-3 days with a blanket or cover.

Places & Carpets: Get help from the vacuum cleaner again and lift it up to 2-3 times.

Hair Accessories: Can wash with bleach; You can stand in the freezer for 4 hours or wait 2-3 days without touching.

Clothes: After you have lice, leave the clothes you wear in the dryer at high temperatures for 30-40 minutes.

Car Seats: Sweep and check with vacuum cleaner.

Toys: Wait in plastic bags for 2-3 days.

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