8 Health Benefits Of Tomato Juice: 8 Strong Reasons To Drink More

Benefits Of Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is considered one of the best superfoods because of contains plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin A, vitamin K, B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6, as well as magnesium, iron, and phosphorus, are found naturally in tomato juice.

These minerals and vitamins are scientifically proven to be beneficial to both beauty and health. In short, a glass of tomato juice a day is enough to stay beautiful and healthy.


What Are The Benefits Of Tomato Juice?

Is Tomato Juice a Fat Burner? Does it Help With Weight Loss?

According to the information obtained from the studies regularly consumed tomato has an 80% effect in the process of weight loss. You can quickly melt weight you want to give by consuming a glass of tomato juice before you wake up in the morning and go to sleep.

What Are The Benefits To Skin Of Tomato Juice?

Tomato protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, preventing sunspots caused by the sun on the skin.

Among the benefits of tomato to the skin, the most important is that is full of antioxidants that revitalize and replenish your skin. Tomatoes contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid helps to destroy acne by drying it.

Is Tomato Juice Good For Skin Blemishes?

You can also use the tomato to get rid of stains on your face. Add the flour to the paste and apply this mixture on your face in the form of a mask to take advantage of this effect. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse.


Does Tomato Juice Help With Pimples?

Add a few drops of lemon into a tablespoon of fresh tomato juice. Tomatoes clean skin to minimize the formation of acne, while helping to heal existing acne in a shorter time.

Is Tomato Juice Good For Prostate?

Experts and researchers say that these foods are good for prostate cancer. It is the most common drug of prostate cancer.

According to researches, the risk of USI prostate cancer decreases by 50 percent in those who consume more than 10 servings of tomato and tomato juice per week.

Is Tomato Juice Good For Anemia?

Tomato consumption prevents anemia. The high amount of vitamin C found in tomatoes is necessary for the absorption of iron. This is an indication that tomato protects against anemia.

Does Tomato Juice Help With Heart Healthy?

If the athletes, who will start their training, drink a glass of tomato juice at breakfast the same day, they can make perfect use of the tomato’s preventing and stopping effect of heart growth. This will disrupt the nutrition of the heart muscle and heart muscle, which cannot be fed enough, will be damaged.

What Is The Nutritional Value Of Tomato Juice?

Tomatoes and tomato products are also rich in vitamin A, potassium and folic acid. Fresh tomatoes also contain vitamin C.

By eating 1 medium-sized tomato per day, you can meet 15-20% of your vitamin C needs and 10% of your vitamin A needs. Besides all, tomatoes are a lycopene depot.

How to Make Homemade Tomato Juice?


How To Make?

Peel off tomatoes and mix them in the blender with all the other ingredients. Then put it in the fridge and cool. If you wish, garnish with basil leaves or parsley before serving.

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Tomato Juice Recipe for Weight Loss


  • 4 medium tomatoes,
  • 1 lemon,
  • 1 cup sparkling water,
  • Half a pepper,
  • 2-3 sprigs of mint.

How To Make?

Peel off tomatoes peel and make a puree by blending them. Strain through a strainer and remove the seeds of the tomato.

Squeeze out the lemon juice and add it to the mashed tomato with soda and mix. Add the very finely chopped peppers and finely chopped mint and drink without waiting.

How To Make Tomato Sauce?


  • 5 kg of tomatoes,
  • 2 tbsp salt,
  • 1 cup olive oil.

How To Make?

  1. First, toss in boiling water and hold in boiling water for 40-50 seconds and immediately throw into ice water.
  2. Peel tomatoes that peel off shells with your hand and chop them into cubes.
  3. Put the tomatoes in the pot and add salt on it and cook for 1.5 hours, stirring occasionally over medium heat.
  4. Add the olive oil for 10 minutes before taking the tomatoes from the stove and stir.
  5. Share the tomatoes as soon as you turn off the bottom of the stove in clean jars. Cover jars with unused lids that you wash and dry.
  6. Turn over the jars and leave until sauces are completely cold.
  7. Remove the cold and vacuumed tomato sauces to a place where there is no sun.

What Are The Benefits Of Raw Tomatoes?

The benefits of raw tomatoes are due to antioxidants and beneficial ingredients in their contents. The main antioxidant in tomatoes is lycopene. This substance neutralizes free radicals that can cause damage to the body. The tomato also contains beta carotene, folic acid, and vitamins A, C, E.

When you consume tomato that strengthens immunity against diseases for seven days, it prevents diseases such as bone loss, cancer, diabetes, kidney stones, stroke, heart attack, and obesity. Raw tomatoes are more effective than cooked tomatoes. Because of has a high acid level, it provides benefits stomach complaints.

What Are The Benefits Of Tomato Paste?

The most important nutritional feature of tomato paste is that is because of provides plenty of antioxidants.

Adding tomato paste to meals and soups is very useful since about 3.5 mg of antioxidant intake helps strengthen an individual’s immune system.

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