15 Best Benefits Of Topaz Stone: Healing Properties, Types & Uses

Among the great benefits of topaz stone is to improve eye health, to protect from epidemics and to give energy. Topaz stone, which is of the quartz group, has many colors.

What is Topaz Stone?

The topaz stone, which can be found in many colors and shades such as transparent, orange, brown, blue, red, yellow, and even white, is a gemstone from the quartz group.

It is often confused with diamonds because of the weight close to the diamond and is highly valuable. The difference between them can only be distinguished by referring to the hardness scale.


What Are The Properties Of Topaz Stone?

It is possible that the topaz stone, whose color is variable based on the reflected light and which creates fascinating reflections, loses color in intense sunlight.

When the method is applied to this stone, which turns pink when heated in a small amount, a variant called ‘Brazilian Ruby’ appears.

The red topaz stones are given the same name. Its place in the hardness scale is around 3,5-3,6. It is often used as a main stone or supporting stone in the making of accessories such as rings and necklaces.

What Are The Benefits Of Topaz Stone?

  • It is generally good for mental and physical health.
  • Protects and heals against eye diseases.
  • Strengthens the mind.
  • Gives courage to the person.
  • Strengthens communication.
  • It is effective in the muscular and digestive systems.
  • Improves intelligence and abilities.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Protects against epidemics.

Types Of Topaz Stone

Gold Topaz Stone

Gives high consciousness, awareness, attention, clarity, joy. Bad thinking turns negative energy and judgments into positive ones. It is protective against anxiety and depression.

Blue Topaz Stone

Removes unusable toxins from our body.

It improves the nervous system.

It provides regular functioning of the thyroid gland and helps solution if there is a problem.

Helps meditation.

It increases speech and communication power.

It protects the lungs and is good for asthma and bronchitis problems.

OrangeTopaz Stone

  • It helps to strengthen encouraging emotions.
  • It gives joy and happiness.

Transparent Topaz Stone

  • It helps in spiritual development and makes you feel well in terms of spiritual.

Where To Find Topaz Stones?

The topaz stones, which has been used extensively in jewelry and ornaments since ancient times, has been seen by many cultures as a powerful stone that has been dedicated to in great significance because of charm.

It has taken place in more modern designs for the last three centuries and its variations have become widespread.

The most precious and pure topaz stones are extracted from Brazil today. However, this healing stone extraction is also performed in Pakistan, Nigeria, China, Russia, and Sri Lanka.

Other Benefits

It is known to be of great benefit to spiritual development and growth. Furthermore, heuristic strength supports perception and courage.

It increases abilities, intelligence, helps strengthen the immune system. Blue topaz doubles the power of communication and reasoning.

Also considered to help against epidemics, especially eye diseases In terms of physiological. Yellow topaz is effective in the digestive system and muscles.

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How To Clean Topaz Stone?

As with almost all natural stones, topaz stone needs to be cleaned after a certain period of use. The topaz, which is considered to take on the negative energy of the body (especially by contact with the skin), should be cleaned and ready to be used again, in other words, by a kind of reset.

It is cleaned in three ways. The first of these is to wash for about five minutes in a receiving water, while the others are kept under the ground or in direct sunlight for 24 hours.

Another important issue is that there is no contact with the person other than the person who will use the topaz stones after cleaning.

If another person has come into contact with this stone, the cleaning process should be applied again under the same conditions.

How To Use Topaz Stone?

It is recommended that the person who uses should contact the skin directly to obtain a more effective and desired yield from topaz stone. It can take on negative energies and problems affecting the body only with contact.

Another important issue is the use of topaz stone so as not to be seen and not to be affected by the eyes of others.

Natural stone experts say that carrying this stone, especially in the neck area, will increase the effect even more.

Some experts agree that carrying more than one topaz stone in different parts of the body will multiply the effect.

Topaz Stone And Astrology

Especially those interested in Indian astrology admit that topaz has a direct relationship with the phases of the moon (full moon, crescent, etc.).

Those who have problems with the moon in their astrological maps are recommended to use this stone.

It is suggested that those in Sagittarius and Pisces use the topaz stone, which is especially at the beginning of the most precious stones.

Also, it is considered an energy stone of cancer and talisman stone of Capricorn, and blue topaz is an energy stone of the Virgo sign.

According to the zodiac signs, it is generally accepted that this stone is a symbol of love and loyalty and helps in solving problems.


  • Compatible With The Chakra: Third Eye, Stomach, Larynx (Blue Topaz), Peak Chakra
  • Compatible Element: Air
  • Topics Symbolized: Power, Strength, Endurance, Power
  • Hardness: 8
  • Specific Weight: 3.5 and 3.6
  • Affiliated Group: Quartz
  • Structural Appearance: Crysta
  • Chemical Formula: Al2SiO4 (OH, F)2
  • Color: Most transparent accordingly white, gray, green, blue, pink, green, yellow.
  • Countries Removed: Russia, China, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Sri Lanka, America, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Burma
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