Mandarin Essential Oil: Health Benefits, Uses, Warning & More

The amazing health benefits of mandarin essential oil can be attributed effectively against acne, stretch marks, and scars because does not harm your skin because of soft structure.

Mandarin essential oil, which prevents the infection of damaged skin areas, also prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi.

If you are looking for remedies to reduce your scars, you can combine with a carrier oil and apply directly to the scar.

It is even possible to use by mixing with oils such as lavender oil and almond oil.


5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mandarin Oil

1. Relieves Pain, Anxiety, and Nausea with Aromatherapy

Mandarin essential oil is one of the best oils that can be used against anxiety and nausea.

In a study published in Complementary Therapies in medicine, the healing effects of this oil on pain, nausea, and anxiety were tested one-to-one at ten Allina Health hospitals and they used this oil with aromatherapy at hospitals facilities.

According to the results, there were noticeable improvements in the patient’s pain, anxiety, and nausea.

In total, 10,262 hospitals added to patient care through aromatherapy, this step, compared to the other oils tested in much better results.

2. Ends To Pain

Research shows that oils from natural plants are very effective in fighting pain. The substance terpenes, obtained by purification of mandarin essential oil, can be used as an analgesic against pain.

3. Protects Nutrients From Bacteria

Mandarin essential oil has antimicrobial effects. Studies on bacterium Listeria innocua showed that color and texture changes on bean grains of this bacterium were observed.

According to the results, there is a significant improvement in microbial sense and color and texture changes of stored foods are decreased. Therefore, is possible to use food preservatives in foods.

4. Helps Fight Cancer

Studies with substance Limonene and tangerine oil have shown that both substances have an inhibitory effect on tumor development.

This could pave the way for use in alternative medicine as a cancer preventive and anti-tumor.

5. Risks of Mandarin Essential Oil

Tangerine oil is soft, safe and non-toxic oil, but pregnant women, those with epilepsy, liver damaged ones, drug users and for those with chronic diseases, they should use him talking to an aromatherapy specialist.

Use in children and the elderly should also be observed.

Those who will be exposed to the sun should remember that tangerine oil can increase the damaging effects of the sun.

Editor’s Picks:

Mandarin Essential Oil Recipes

Serum for cracks and acne scars with tangerine and rosehip oil.



  1. Mix all essential oils except rosehip and Jojoba directly into the bottle.
  2. Add rosehip and jojoba oils.
  3. Shake well until blended.
  4. Apply a massage twice a day in the affected area.
  5. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Possible Risks Of Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin essential oil is light and safe. However, if you are pregnant, epileptic, liver disease, cancer or other medical problems, be sure to use the oil under the guidance of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner and consult your doctor.

Be careful when using in children or the elderly.

Be careful if you’re going to be exposed to the sun. Mandarin oil can increase the risk of sun damage in the skin.

Warning: Although they are natural products that have many benefits to beauty, you should first test almost every product you will use for the first time.

You should never use your regular medication, if you have a particular condition, if you are in pregnancy or breastfeeding if you have a body that reacts to allergens, if you have skin, without consulting your doctor.

You should consult an expert at any point where you hesitate. The content of the site is intended to inform the visitor. Information cannot replace physician treatment or consultation.

Guidance of diagnosis and treatment based on-site information is not recommended. The information provided on this site may not be cited as a scientific reference.

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