Cyclamen Flower Care Guide | 6 Best Rules to Look After Cyclamen

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Cyclamen Flower: Meaning, Features and Types

You can see that it looks like rabbit ears when you look at your flower. With this similarity, it was named as rabbit ear among the people.

It has almost more than 20 species. Often noticeable for deep pink and fuchsia color, the dense flower defines a color with its name in the color chart. If you love dark pink tones, your favorite color may be the color of the cyclamen flower.

One of the flowers of the garden and balcony, the cyclamen, is a perennial herb. It blooms and colors between February and April. As a result of a survey conducted in Canakkale 18 Mart University, Turkey has been stated that the cyclamen flowers in a rich country type. In our country, there are about 10 types of cyclamen flowers, gardens and balconies are decorated with this flower.

It is a flower that does not like warm and sunny weather. It is a flower that does not like hot and sunny weather. Its dark green broad leaves stay away from its vital activity in the heat. But it comes to life again when there is light wind and cold.

If you want to buy a person often, you should remember that this flower represents love. It is known as a harbinger of pure and beautiful emotions. Being a love flower is among the features of the cyclamen flower.

6 best rules to look after cyclamen. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

How to Care for Cyclamen Flower?

Like all flowers, common flowers will ask for attention and care from you. As it is easy to maintain, it will not tire you much. If you have frequent flowers at home and follow these steps, it may be easier to care for your flower at home:

• Location: What environment does the frequent flower-like? For the longevity of the flower, it should be grown in balconies or gardens. It cannot adapt to the air in the home environment and will fade in a short time.

• Sun: You should not leave cyclamen the frequent inflorescence, which is not very good with hot, in direct sunlight. The direction of the flower should change every week.

• Water: When watering the cyclamen, you need to water it in a controlled manner. Check the soil by hand before each irrigation. If the humidity is low, you can use rested water. It will be sufficient to water once a week in the winter cold.

You can do irrigation when the soil dries because of moisture will disappear quickly in summer temperatures.

If water is accumulated in the bottom of the pot at the end of irrigation, you will need to take this water. Otherwise, the formation of bacteria may occur.

• Soil: What should be the soil of the cyclamen flower? If you want to have a long life, you should choose the soil humus type. Soils that are high in Mineral and yield will extend the life of the plant.

• Flowerpot: Medium-sized pots are always suitable for cyclamen. You can make the flower come alive and renewed by hanging flower pots in spring.

• Pruning: If the flower has faded, you can remove rotting leaves with a pair of scissors. Thus, the rotten leaf is prevented from infecting other leaves.

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When Is Sown Cyclamen Seed?

The most comfortable way to grow squeezes is to plant seeds. If you want to grow your cyclamen with seed, you can wait for the first days of August. Plant seeds intermittently in a large pot and add them onto the fertile soil. Protect the pot You Sow from very hot and sunny. Take a shade during the hot hours.

How to water a cyclamen plants? Photo Credit: Shutterstock

How to Water a Cyclamen Plants?

When watering your frequent you should remember the following items:

Your irrigation measuring cup should remain stable.

Irrigation water should be pre-rested water.

Watering can occur when the soil moisture is lost.

Watering is done once a week in winter, and when soil dries on hot days.

Water must be taken from the bottom of the pot.

It is necessary to distribute the water to the whole soil surface while watering.

You should not choose your irrigation vessel too large because of does not like much water.

Watering in the morning hours will be healthier.

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