10 Wonderful Health Benefits of Cumin + Nutrition Profile

Benefits Of Cumin

Cumin play an important role in making delicious food. Spice, which is main ingredient of Indian cuisine, is also widely used in other countries. In the same way, cumin is also widely used in other dishes, especially Indian cuisine.

The so-called cumin or “jeera” plant consists of small seeds of plants grown in Mediterranean countries. There are line channels around snake shape of cumin seed.

The leaves are colored towards tip and are rectangular in shape. Although cumin seed is small, color is very authentic.

What makes it so important in terms of health is that contains vitamins and minerals that are vital for body health, not just taste.

The cumin, which is a complete vitamin A, also contains vitamins C, E and K. In addition, folates include niacin, pyridoxine riboflavin and thiamine. Rich in carbohydrates, cumin also contains oils and dietary fibers.

It is also very rich in some minerals, especially rich in calcium and phosphorus, in addition to iron, copper, manganese, magnesium and zinc. Also shown as beta carotene storage.


Health Benefits Of Cumin

Although cumin is widely used in kitchens, has been used in treatment of diseases in alternative medicine since ancient times. An excellent iron reservoir, cumin plays an important role in elimination of factors causing anemia.

It strengthens immune system and contains anti-carcinogenic substances and reduces risk of cancer diseases.

As mentioned above, cumin, which contains close to a hundred chemical components, has been used in treatment of diseases by ancient Egypt, Rome and Greek civilizations and has done hundreds of laboratory studies on cumin in modern medicine.

Benefits To Skin Of Cumin

Two most damaging elements of skin are free radicals and toxins. minerals and constituents contained in cumin provide the elimination of these two elements and can reduce damage to skin.

Phosphorus, which is contained in abundant amounts of cumin, can cause removal of acne, shedding and similar problems on skin. The substances contained in cumin allow toxins to be easily ejected out of body via excretion.

It can also combat acne and black spots when applied with vinegar and even eliminate these problems.

Vitamins contained in cumin can cause skin and allergic diseases such as eczema, fungi and skin. Some health professionals argue that cumin is also good for psoriasis. Because of contains plenty of dietary fiber, it also cleans skin from toxins.

Vitamin E contained in cumin also helps to reduce in damage caused by free radicals to skin. It helps to eliminate problems such as aging spots and skin sagging caused by aging.

It can help to solve problems such as itching and rash on skin and skin when bathing with cumin water. Consuming cumin water can eliminate burning sensation in palms and soles.



Benefits To Hair Health

Rich nutrients contained in cumin contribute significantly to maintaining hair health. These foods are vital for healthy growth of hair.

Cumin that contains more than a hundred nutrients and minerals can contribute incredibly to health of hair.

Editor’s Pick:


Cure Against Hair Loss and Baldness

Black cumin oil and olive oil are mixed in equal amounts. After a bath, apply this mixture to your hair or non-hair part of your head.

This application will encourage emergence of new hair. You can also get a black cumin capsule for several months.

Cumin Cure for Long and Shiny Hair

Boil 1.5 tablespoons black seed with a spoonful of cumin and boil for 10 minutes. After mixture is boiled, drain well to remove water from seed. Add one raw egg to this mixture and mix well.

You can also add pure olive oil to this mixture, which will give you more efficiency. Finally, apply this mixture to your scalp for 30 minutes. We recommend repeating once a week to get a very good result.

It can also be used safely by people with dandruff problems. You will soon see that eliminates problem of dandruff.

Balances Blood Sugar

Helps to stabilize lower blood sugar levels and is a great boon, especially for diabetes patients.

Iron Storage

It is a natural iron reservoir, which helps patients with anemia. This iron content makes blood rich in hemoglobin, which helps to treat anemia in patient and also acts as an oxygen carrier to body’s cells.


Fight With Asthma

The cumin seed contains thymoquinone, which reduces inflammatory processes and other mediators that cause asthma, and this allows cumin to act as a bronchodilator.

Because of this feature, can help to pass asthma attacks more undamaged and faster.

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Strengthens Immune System

It can help immune system fight diseases because of contains antioxidants effective against foreign bodies and free radicals.

Provides Healthy Menstrual Cycle

Cumin contributes significantly to women’s health. It is a source of healing that women can use safely for healthy menstrual cycles in all age groups.

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Cumin Fights With Cancer

The antioxidant complex contained in cumin can reduce in risk of developing cancer cases by putting an end to presence of free radicals in general, while reducing in risk of contracting cumin herb and breast cancers.

Some health professionals recommend cumin herb for treatment of colon and breast cancer.

Other Benefits of Cumin

  • It is good for colds, throat inflammation, coughing and is used in treatment of respiratory infections.
  • Strengthens and activates metabolism.
  • It is beneficial to digestive system.
  • It provides vital nutrients for entire digestive system.

Benefits Of Cumin Tea

The cumin tea obtained by boiling cumin seed for 8-10 minutes is very widely consumed especially in India. In some regions, is cooked with black pepper to sweeten cumin tea.

It has many benefits in terms of health. Because is very rich in vitamin C, is widely consumed in the winter against colds. The health benefits are almost same as cumin.

In order to remind you again, benefits of cumin tea can be listed as follows:

  • Useful for digestive system.
  • Helps digestion of enzymes to work healthily.
  • It ensures healthy functioning of kidneys. Provides instant results for problems such as gas, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain.
  • It is very useful for liver and gall bladder. It does not allow bloating and gas problems during daytime.
  • It is rich in vitamin A and C. Because of this feature, cumin tea strengthens immune system.
  • The abundance of cumin in patients who suffer from disease of iron contained in tea can help.
  • Iron also protects health of blood cells. It helps body to get more oxygen.
  • Consuming this tea during pregnancy is beneficial for both mother and baby health. Should not be excessive.
  • Useful for respiratory system in general. It is effective against respiratory system inflammations.
  • Consuming cumin tea in evening can alleviate insomnia problem.
  • Strengthens memory and is also effective on nervous system. Cumin tea also protects brain health.
  • It is beneficial for skin health, facial washes with cumin juice, this application can eliminate acne and acne problems.
  • Because cumin tea contains antioxidant complex, it enables you to fight against many types of cancer.

Benefits Of Cumin Seed

So far, what we wrote about cumin also contains cumin seeds. In other words, cumin seeds are used for health benefits. It is thought that plant called cumin is rare for colon cancer.

The health benefits of cumin seed are discussed in detail throughout literature.

Damages Of Cumin

  1. It has many benefits in terms of health, causes some side effects in case of excessive consumption.
  2. Besides, as in many food sources, cumin can give different responses according to person’s body. Possible side effects of cumin are as follows:
  3. May be beneficial to digestive system and alleviating gas, ironically, can cause gas problems. This is perhaps related to person’s body rather than cumin.
  4. It is possible to say that cumin seed has a very effective antioxidant effect and this can cause excessive belching. Burp can sometimes be a bad smell.
  5. It is rich in essential oil and can cause liver and kidney damage. Therefore, dose of cumin is important.
  6. Long-term consumption should be avoided. People with liver and kidney problems should consult with their doctors.
  7. Some sources report excessive consumption of cumin and cumin seeds. We recommend that mothers pay attention to maximum consumption during pregnancy and consume even under supervision of a doctor.
  8. Some sources indicate that cumin seed is addictive. Therefore, attention should be paid to consumption. Addiction can cause vomiting and dizziness.
  9. Some sources indicate a heavy menstrual cycle. We also wrote that writing is beneficial to menstrual cycle but has to be said that some people have harmed menstrual cycle because they react differently to their organisms. Some health experts argue that cumin seed increases bleeding.
  10. Consumption of high amounts of cumin can cause blood sugar to fall. We recommend patients with blood sugar problems to consult with their doctors.
  11. People with diabetes have a problem-enhancing feature due to excess consumption.
  12. We recommend that these patients consume cumin and cumin products in consultation with their physician.
  13. Excessive intake of cumin is not healthy for mothers who are breastfeeding.


In this article, we discussed in detail health benefits of cumin, which contains nearly one hundred substances, vitamins, ingredients and minerals. Therefore we want to reiterate need to avoid excessive consumption of cumin.

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