Top 9 Powerful Home Remedies For Foot Pain: Causes & More

Treatment Of Foot Pain

How does it go away from foot pain? Treatment for foot pain will vary greatly depending on the cause of the pain and where the pain occurs.

For example, in foot pain that develops due to conditions such as plantar fasciitis, treatments will be stretching, splinting and physical therapy.

For conditions such as flat feet, insoles can be recommended with focused physical therapy. The treatment for it can range from regular sitting shoes to surgery. Let’s read home remedies for foot pain.


Top 9 Home Treatment Methods For Foot Pain

It is possible to alleviate foot pain caused by simple causes by home treatment methods, but you should not try home treatment if you have injured your foot, if the foot is visibly deformed or excessively swollen or if you have diabetes. You should always consult a specialist first.

Rest, Ice Compress, Bandaging and Raising the Foot: Lie down on bed or sofa, wrap your foot (not very often) in a compression bandage, raise foot with help of pillows. You can apply ice. Thus, can also be relieved swelling and pain in the foot.

Foot Massage: You can massage your aching foot. This can help relax muscles and improve blood circulation.

Painkillers: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen sodium can help relieve this pain.

Epsom Salt: You can use the Epsom salt bath to relax your feet. You can add Epsom salt into the warm water you fill in a tub and let your feet stand in this water for 20-30 minutes.


Pieces of Advice

Wear Shoes that Fit Your Feet: Choose shoes that make your feet comfortable rather than high heels. There must be enough room in the shoe to make all your fingers comfortable. The shoe should not be pinched or loose enough to come out of your foot while walking.

Wash Your Feet Regularly: Wash your feet with warm (not hot) water and mild soap. Make sure that it is particularly dry between the toes. You can also apply lotion if you wish.

Cut Your Toenails: Take care to cut your nails properly to prevent nail stinging.

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Drugs used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, slow bone loss, alter the course of inflammatory disease, or prevent joint damage are an important part of this pain treatment.

Medications used to treat arthritis and other problems affecting the feet vary greatly depending on arthritis or the related condition diagnosed.

Types of drugs commonly used to treat arthritis:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Corticosteroids.
  • Analgesics.
  • Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs.
  • Gout medications.
  • Biological response modifiers.
  • Osteoporosis drugs.
  • Motion Control.

In some cases, the treatment of it is to fix the foot so that it is immobile for a certain period. Thus, foot tissues can find an opportunity to heal. Splints, orthoses, plaster or boots can be used when trying to fix the foot.

Foot Pain Surgery

Surgical procedures may be necessary for some patients with severe foot pain, especially if they are prevented from walking or doing other activities.

Some surgical options that can be applied are:

  • Fracture repair.
  • Arthroscopic debridement.
  • Common fusion.
  • Osteotomy

The appropriate procedure varies depending on the specific situation and the condition of the foot pain. It is important that rehabilitation treatment follows the surgical procedure and supports the patient’s recovery.

Which Doctor to Visit?

Orthopedics is applied for the diagnosis and treatment of the pain.

What is Foot Pain?

Feet consist of a complex bone, ligament, tendon and muscle structure. Any injury to the feet that are strong enough to carry the weight of the body can lead to foot pain that negatively affects life.


The main symptom of foot pain is pain felt anywhere on foot. This place can be the heel, soles or above the feet. Along with pain, sensitivity, bloating, limited mobility and difficulty in walking can occur.

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It can be caused by excessive force injury (due to running and other activities) or by injuries that directly affect the foot. However, it can also develop due to many underlying causes or diseases.

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