Flies Spraying Methods: How to Get Rid of Flies? (Natural Preservatives)

Flies Spraying Methods: For Our Home and Our Environment

You can easily make your own flies medication at home, you can remove flies away from your love. Let’s read flies spraying methods;

The most common flies in our homes are houseflies, mosquitoes, fruit flies and so on. Though there are about 100,000 species of flies living on Earth.

Although these fly contributes to nature and poses a threat to harmful pests, they are certainly harmful and disturbing to humans.

Because, although they vary according to their species, they can feed on flies, litter and rotting food and cause health problems by transmitting viruses.

It’s important to know what we need to do to keep fly away from our homes as well as fly spraying methods. Here are methods of fighting flies:


1. Making Type Determination

As with many insects, to combat unwanted creatures, it is necessary to know their species, their reproductive forms, and their fields.

If you know which species of flies are haunting your home or garden, you can determine your method of fighting according to the characteristics of these species. You can click on this article for types of flies that live in homes and methods of avoiding them.

2. Priority Measure

Cleaning keeping houses clean, emptying garbage regularly and not leaving wet areas around counters and faucets keep flying away from your home. Cleaning can also be taken measures breeding grounds and walls with soapy water.

3. Using Natural Preservatives

You can use many natural substances to fight flies or prepare various mixtures with them. Here are some natural fly killers and reptiles:

Mix lemon and clove oil and spray the fly to the inlet places with a spray bottle. ¼ Cup witch hazelnut (a plant), ¼ cup apple cider vinegar, 30-60 drops of eucalyptus oil prepared by the mixture, so that your eyes do not come to your body, flies will stay away from you.

Orange and lemon peels and put them in various parts of the house. Especially effective in houseflies. Boil malt vinegar in the room. The smell will miss the fly. Cucumbers, onions, garlic, lavender, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, laurel, mint, basil leaves flies.


4. Prepare Fly Traps

You can prepare the most effective fly trap by putting sugar water at the bottom of a glass and closing it with a tapered paper. Flies entering the paper drown in sugary water and die.

You can set up a trap to destroy fruit fly.

  • ¼ Litre milk,
  • 3 tablespoons sugar,
  • 1 tablespoon pepper,
  • put in a shallow bowl and mix heat until boiling.
  • Container places where fruit fly.

You can prepare a trap with a pheromone, a substance that allows female flies to find a female. Pheromone traps consist of a sticky table with a pheromone-absorbent capsule. You can set up these traps in your garden that are being sold on the market.

You can prepare for the flypaper. The materials required for this are brown paper or thin cardboard, pans, scissors, corn syrup and water.

Cut the paper 2 inches wide. Place the corn syrup and water in an equal-sized pan and heat until it is boiling. Immerse the paper strips in the mixture, after thoroughly absorbing them and let them cool off and place them in the area of fly.

5. Using Fly Catching Products

You can fight flies by purchasing tools such as fly vacuum, an electronic fly swatter and fly gun. The fly killer UV lamps attract the flies with the light they emit and kill them by acting as traps.

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6. Apply Chemical Methods

Spray fly killers sold on the market are effective in many flies. Add 10 drops of dishwashing detergent and 2 cups of lukewarm water to an empty spray bottle and mix. Spray the mixture where there are flies.

You can mix boric acid with water and spray it in a spray bottle where flies are deployed. If you have small children and pets in your home, you should be careful and squeeze them out of their reach.

7. Catching Flies with Herbal Methods

Place carnivorous plants in your house, they will catch flies. You can use the so-called “Insect Growth Regulators that disrupt the development of insects. Living in soil, eating harmful pest larvae eating and consuming useful nematodes can be placed in the soil in your garden. You can use pyrethrin-containing insecticide sprays.

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8. Creating Disliked Environments

If you want flies to come out spontaneously, turn off all the lights in the house and open windows. Flies go-to light. Another solution is to raise or lower room temperature.

It can’t live at 47 °C, but this temperature is too high for us. Therefore, you can reduce the room temperature to 9 °C so that flies leave your room.

9. Getting Support From Professional Insect Spraying Companies

Fly is often not perceived as a threat like other insects, but these rapidly reproducing creatures can easily invade your home and garden. Therefore, you can prevent or control infestation by receiving fly spraying services from pest spraying companies.

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