How to Start a Lawn Care Business? How To Mow A Lawn? (9 Easy Steps)

How to Start a Lawn Care Business?

Covering a considerable area in the gardens, lawns add beauty to open spaces with lush images. The green cover of gardens is very easy to cultivate and maintain lawn care.

Change mowing direction in each format operation. At regular intervals after sowing, clean lawn and mushroom debris from lawn with ventilation rake.

Accurate and continuous irrigation is very important in terms of the growth of roots of the sown lawn, frequent shoots, photosynthesis and resistance to diseases. Be careful not to neglect this operation.

Lawns show the fastest development in April, visible to the eye. Lawns must be harvested in April. The most important detail you should pay attention to before mowing lawn care is that the lawn surface is clean. Always clean grass before you start mowing lawns.

The fact that lawns are not humid is also important details. Also, be careful not to look in the same direction when mowing the lawn.

To develop a healthy lawn should be done correctly fertilization. The timing needs to be adjusted well to show the desired effect of fertilization.

The best time to fertilize is when the temperature is at least. This can be done fertilization in the morning and evening.

In order to show the effect of fertilizer, irrigation must be done when is finish the fertilization process.


How To Mow A Lawn?

• Lawns grow rapidly in rainy times. In rainy periods, mow the lawn twice a week. In dry times, you can now once every 2 weeks.

• When lawn length 5 cm, it will be suitable for cutting. Adjust blade of the mower to appropriate height according to the height of the lawn. Usually, 2.5 cm is suitable.

• Before mowing, clean dried leaves with the help of rake. In this way, lawns get more air and grow healthier.

• Irrigate after mowing the lawn. It will be difficult to mow wet grass. Also, mowing wet grass with electric lawn mowers can be dangerous.

• When you decide to grow the lawn in your garden, you should buy a lawnmower. You can easily mow the lawn with lawn machines.

• Depending on the weather, the elongation time of the lawn may change. For example, in rainy times, the lawn grows more quickly.

• You should mow the grass twice a week when is growing quickly. In hot and dry weather, the lawn grows more slowly. During this period, you can mow the lawn once or every 15 days.

• Lawns you can mow by 5 cm. If you mow with the machine, you must adjust the size of a machine before starting format operation. Suitable for a standard cut of 2.5 cm.

• Choose hot and sunny weather to mow lawns. You need to mow grass in the evening and then irrigate. If you do not water lawn after mowing, lawns will turn yellow soon.

Before mowing lawns, make sure that the mowing area is dry. Wet lawn debris and soil damage inside the machine.


How to Irrigate Grass?

+ Irrigation times of lawn is important. You should choose early in the morning or late in the evening for irrigation.

+ If you do irrigation at noon, water bubbles occur in the lawn and sun rays that come into contact with these bubbles will cause damage to lawns. The evening is an ideal time. In the evening, even during the summer months, water will not evaporate and reach roots more.

+ Less irrigation should be done in heavily grounded gardens. In case of excessive irrigation, soil water holds and may dry root of the lawn. In loose soils, water can spread better in soil.

+ For this reason, more irrigation can be done in loose soils. With the help of a rod, you can determine how many inches of water passes under the soil. The water should go down to 10 inches below the soil.

+ If you are in a place that is very sunshine, you should irrigate more often. Thus, you can minimize water loss caused by evaporation.

+ Irrigation can be done once a day because the use of soil is already humid in the places where weather rainy and close.

+ If there is not enough rainfall in the winter, drought may occur in the winter. If the lawn is resting during the winter months, irrigation should be done if drought occurs.

Lawn Seeds Should Be Planted In Which Months?

Lawn seeds should be planted in April, May or September and October. The planting process you will perform in these months will be extremely beneficial compared to other months. Do not attempt to cultivate lawn during summer.

Due to intense heat during these times, the need for moisture will not be sufficient for the seed to grow. In addition, during the summer period, ants too much and seeds will eat sowing process will be largely unsuccessful.

How to Fertilize the Lawn?

  • Because lawn areas are frequently irrigated, quickly destroy organic materials contains.
  • In order for our lawn to survive in a healthy way, we need to supplement food (lawn fertilization) several times a year.
  • In our content, you should choose fertilizers that contain phosphorus material which is needed for our garden and which can be slowly dissolved.
  • Stay away from fast-acting fertilizers that quickly affect your lawn care.
  • They will soon be destroyed by watering and rains.
  • The fertilization process in spring, summer, and autumn is enough to do three times.
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