15 Unbelievable Health Benefits Of Carob: Uses & Warnings

Carob is an important food source that is good for many diseases. It has antioxidant, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It strengthens the immune system, protects it from cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Because of is rich in calcium, it prevents osteoporosis. It helps to weaken due to gives feeling satiety, balances blood sugar and blood pressure. It is known to increase sexual performance and prevent impotence due to the aphrodisiac effect.

Carob can be eaten as a fruit or consumed as a liquid concentrate by undergoing various processes. Carob powder obtained by grinding the beans can be used as a substitute for cocoa and coffee. Molasses is also very useful.

What is Carob?

Carob is a legume family and a fruit of a maquis type tree that grows naturally in the Mediterranean climate.

The raw state of this fruit is bright green, and it hardens and becomes brown as it dries and matures.

It is surrounded by sweet, edible fruit meat and contains 5-15 hard brown seeds. The carob, whose harvest time is autumn, is used in many food products and coughs. It is also used in pharmaceutical production.


What Are The Health Benefits Of Carob?

Supports Cardiovascular Health

The high fiber content of the carob reduces the risk of diseases such as blood pressure, vascular occlusion, heart attack, stroke by decreasing LDL-bad cholesterol levels. It also helps lower the number of triglycerides in the blood.

Protects From Cancer

Carob (especially the extract produced from the nucleus) can prevent some types of cancer such as cervical cancer and lung cancer by fighting free radicals through the polyphenols it contains.

Prevents Infection Development

Being a rich source of antioxidants, carob prevents the reproduction of viruses and harmful bacteria. It reduces the risk of developing infections, especially in the stomach and intestines, and speeds up the healing process of existing infections. It is also effective in the treatment of allergic asthma, bronchitis, colds, flu.

Helps Digestion

It is a fibrous fruit and protects the digestive system. It can prevent severe gastrointestinal ailments by supporting the secretion of stomach fluids and bowel movements. Carob, which is also effective against diarrhea, can be used as a supporter especially in the treatment of sudden diarrhea.


Balances Blood Sugar

Carob is low in sugar and calories. It can regulate blood sugar to prevent from rising. It is a safe food especially against the malaise of diabetics. However, it is still necessary to consult a doctor.

Strengthens Bones

It containing 3 times more calcium than milk contributes greatly to healthy bone development and prevents osteoporosis. Kidney stones are the most common form of kidney stones.

Provides Weight Loss

Because of is rich in fiber, it prevents the secretion of the hunger hormone ghrelin, providing a feeling of satiety and facilitating weight loss.

Increases Sexual Power

This aphrodisiac fruit enhances sexual performance by keeping the person fit and energetic. It can also help solve the problem of infertility as it increases the number of sperm. However, if it is consumed more than necessary, it may cause harm rather than benefit due to saturated fatty acid.

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Carob Cure that Enhances Sexual Performance

  • Boil 1 liter of water in the pot and divide 12-14 carob into 2-3 pieces.
  • Cover the pot and boil it for 3-5 minutes over a light fire.
  • Then wait 20-25 minutes and let the water you drain cool.
  • Drink on an empty stomach in the morning for 1 week and 1 cup before bedtime.
  • For the night only for 3 months from the second week.
  • Apply occasionally in the following months.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Carob Powder?

Carob powder (flour) is made from dried carob seeds and is mostly used as an alternative to cocoa and natural sweetener in bakery products.

Other Benefits

It is a good option for those who are on a diet because it is low-fat and increases the feeling of satiety.

Because of the low sodium ratio, it reduces the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, osteoporosis and kidney diseases.

In addition to bone health, it helps the heart, nerves, and muscles to function in good condition.

There is also no risk of developing kidney stones because of does not contain oxalate.

It prevents constipation, protects the intestines, regulates blood sugar, lowers cholesterol.

It can be easily consumed by people who are susceptible to celiac disease or gluten.

Carob powder, which is rich in tannin, may replace the oral rehydration fluid applied to treat diarrhea.

It is especially effective in treating diarrhea that develops suddenly in infants.

Excessive caffeine use-insomnia, heart palpitations, stomach pain, chills, irritability and anger, such as can lead to discomfort.


What Are The Health Benefits Of Carob Molasses?

The most important health benefits of carob molasses, obtained by softening the dried carob seeds and sweetening them with sugar, are:

  • It is an expectorant.
  • It is good for lung, liver, intestinal disorders and gastritis and blood pressure.
  • Wolf, worm, etc. It helps remove intestinal parasites from the body.
  • It provides skin to shine by reducing aging effects.

How to Make?

Thoroughly wash the dried carob, divide and then crush.

Place the ingredients in a saucepan and fill with water and leave for 1-2 days until over.

Simmer for 1 hour after waiting time.

With the help of cheesecloth, squeeze strongly and separate the water and pulp from each other.

Add sugar and lemon as much as the weight of carob in the water you separate, then cook for 7-8 hours, stirring over medium heat.

This process is very important. Because high fever lowers the nutritional value and not mixing it causes the bottom of the pot to hold.

Allow molasses to cool and transfer it to jars and keep them in a cool place.

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