What is Lawn Aerate? When to Aerate Your Lawn? How It’s Done?

What is Lawn Aerate?

Lawn aerates in addition to regular mowing process, lawn surfaces should be cleaned in spring and autumn to ensure that oxygen, water, and nutrients are more easily accessible to the lawn roots.

When to Aerate Your Lawn?

Working depth is always a five-step working depth setting with only one hand movement. This is important because knives should touch the ground when scraping to prevent unnecessary rapid wear and avoid damaging lawn roots.

Fast and easy rollers are replaced without tools with the help of a screw. The optical security indicator indicates whether the cylinder is installed correctly.

Large lawn aerate holes provide sufficient aerate of engine and are integrated into casing attractively.

Fuel or electric medium lawn surfaces can be quickly and easily with an electrically operated device. Electric models are ideally suited for this purpose. The advantage of fuel scrapers that they are using flexible and wireless, so they are ideal for a larger garden or hard-to-reach areas. The powerful engine is also suitable for tougher lawn surfaces.


Advice: Disposal control pull a small metal cultivator with your lawn: if you see remains of moss or dead lawn, it will be time to scrape that if your grass grows, it is a clear sign your lawn requires attention.

How Does Scraper Work?

Lawn aerators are equipped with a rotary cylinder with a steel blade that penetrates briefly on all types of ground.

Height Adjustment: When scraping, adjust correct height, should not be exceeded two to three millimeters penetration depth. The collection container is also important for algae and carp collection. Seaweed texture grows best on loamy soil shaded lawn or surfaces with so-called stagnation tendency. These areas should be scratched and injured more often.

The best time for scraping is spring (April) and autumn (September). After the scraping, there should be time to renew the lawn. It is recommended to mow lawn before scratching.

Gasoline or Electric Scraper: Electric grates are suitable for medium-size lawn and have low noise levels and emissions-free. Gasoline ones are flexible on large surfaces. Beautiful, lush green grass is a dream of every garden owner.

But why do some of the gardens look like a desert and lawn of a neighboring garden is in the most beautiful greenery every year? Maybe her neighbor regularly vents lawn and right feed.

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Two Essential Processes for a Bright Lawn

Lawn aerate is required for lawns to absorb enough nutrients and take enough air to breathe again. As explained simply, scraping relates to intense lawn aerate where the lawn surface is slightly cut off.

As a result, the soil is loosened and lawn roots can be effectively reproduced. Gardeners usually grow grass in spring to replenish them after cold seasons. Especially in winter months, especially difficult should be done in autumn. So the lawn takes back nutrients needed to survive in the next winter.


What Exactly Does Famine Mean?

A scraper has a rotating cartridge with progressive steel blades. They penetrate lawn and thus clear lawn carp, algae, and weeds.

This can be compared with a fixed, tight-threaded rake that penetrates ground in a small way and when pulled out lawn carp is removed.

Hand scraping using a rake is an option for smaller gardens, but it is strongly recommended to use a motor scraper when it comes to working on larger gardens or lawn with a large number of reeds and algae.

No matter what type is used of the device, it is important to remove any pieces of dead plants, since they allow light and air to stay away from reaching lawn and roots. Only dry, freshly cut lawn should be considered to be covered.

When and How Often Will Lawn Aerate?

Lawn should not be processed too early – the only danger of freezing ground can be excluded. It is important to be dry of soil. To get a good result when scraping, the lawn must be cut about 3 to 4 cm long first.

This makes it easier for scraper rollers to pass through the lawn. Depending on the weather conditions, as long as there is sufficient ground temperature, you can also lawn aerate in March or April and September. It is enough once or twice a year.

Another Hint: Compost should not be added after collected grass rubble.

Don’t Forget to Scratch Grass: In addition to scraping lawn, it should be scratched regularly. Some of our devices are supplied with a spring drill cylinder in addition to a scraper roller. Unlike scraping, scratching can be done throughout the year, so the green lawn remains healthier for a longer time.

The stacking process is almost self-explanatory. The lawn is drawn lightly with a brake cylinder equipped with steel springs. Rake process is important because the lawn surface is gradually covered and the oxygen reaching lawn is reduced.

Also, the lawn absorbs water better after rake and prevents it from flooding. For this reason, lawn roots can reach better.

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Correct Scraper For Work: When buying a scraper, it must be paid attention to working width and double functionality (scraping and raking). Today, scraping is done with a handheld device, such as a scraper or a manual scraper.

This work is labor-intensive and can hardly be managed for a larger lawn. Motor machines make working easier and reduce the effort required. High-quality aerators also allow the carp and dead plant to remain in a collector bag to further reduce the time required for lawn injuries.

It can also be used as fuel or electricity-powered equipment, such as mowers. Gasoline-powered engines usually have stronger engines and therefore are produced for larger lawns, while electric skis are particularly juicy due to their low weight.

The biggest disadvantage with an electric scraper is power cable that must be transported and routed regularly during the entire work process.

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