Blue Sapphire Stone (Navy Blue Stone): Benefits, Uses And Meaning

What is Blue Sapphire Stone (Lapis Lazuli)? Features and Benefits

Although it is easy to find on the earth, it is an expensive stone and it attracts attention with its rounded lines and golden yellow spots. Another name in the world is Blue Sapphire Stone (lapis lazuli).

Blue sapphire stone (navy blue stone), which means sky stone, contributes to glory of the infinite universe and to development of one’s sense of trust.

Blue sapphire stone (Lapis lazuli limestone), which has been used by many civilizations since ancient times, has been one of the most valuable stones that have been taken refuge for many purposes.

The fact that there are more yellow parts within the formation of blue sapphire stone indicates that this stone is more valuable. It is formed by the combination of more than one mineral in nature and takes its unique color from minerals in which it is formed.

What is a Blue Sapphire Stone (Lapis Lazuli)?

The hardness range from 5 to 6 is removed from countries such as Russia, Chile, Afghanistan and Egypt.

Although it has a high impact on the opening of the chakras of people who use it, it is not recommended to be used continuously. If used continuously, there is a decrease in the effect of Blue sapphire stone (navy blue limestone).

Blue Sapphire Stone
Blue Sapphire Stone

Properties Of Blue Sapphire Stone

Blue sapphire stone, which has a very high healing power, is effective in opening third eye. It also helps keep of throat chakras in balance. The use of accessories made of navy blue stone (Blue sapphire stone) allows to stay awake spiritually.

Blue sapphire stone was used as an eyeshadow for the period of the ancient Egyptian women. Today, mental and mental health benefits have been discovered and are often preferred as a healing agent.

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How To Understand Blue Sapphire Stone?

  • It is very important to avoid forgeries when using such a beneficial stone to health. The fake stones, which usually give away their images, cannot show the bright and distinctive spotted appearance of blue sapphire stone too much.
  • Density of specks contained in the contents is also one of the ways to understand real blue sapphire stone (navy blue stone).
  • Those who do not understand the difference between real and fake by looking at the exterior can also check the quality by breaking stone. It can be easily understood that the interior parts of products that are indistinguishable from the painting process do not reflect fact.
  • In the market, it is always possible to choose reliable places for counterfeit product sellers, which will make it possible to encounter real stones.

What Should Be Considered When Using Blue Sapphire Stone?

It requires attention during use of blue sapphire stone which has a great impact on human. Although not everyone has same effect, it can cause side effects such as dizziness in sensitive individuals.

The blue sapphire stone should be transported at the location of the throat or chest. Continuous transport as a preferred stone for many purposes causes the body to become immune to this stone and reduce its effects.

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Benefits of Blue Sapphire Stone

  1. Blue sapphire stone (navy blue stone), which provides balance between mental and physical health of human, causes problems such as depression and excessive stress caused by possible imbalance.
  2. As a stone that can be used by people of all ages, young children can also get rid of their fear by using peace of mind.

Benefits Physical Of Blue Sapphire Stone

  • It is one of main benefits of the development of the physical abilities of persons who use it in their chakras in which navy blue stone (blue sapphire stone) is compatible.
  • It also helps strengthen bone structure of bones, which contributes to the strengthening of skeletal system.
  • One of the most effective stones in nature to fight the natural way with blood pressure problem. It also ensures that non-functioning thyroid glands work well.
  • Blue sapphire stone which is effective in relieving pain in many parts of the body is extremely effective in reducing migraine. It is ideal for improving respiratory distress in children and adults.
  • As one of the most suitable stones for eye and ear health, it takes the eye fatigue of those who work continuously on computer.

Benefits Psychological of Blue Sapphire Stone

  1. For those who are looking for natural ways to combat depression, navy blue stone (blue sapphire stone) is a stone that must be used with high-level effects.
  2. The stone that directly affects the personal character makes it more likely to develop a sense of responsibility.
  3. It allows inner thoughts to progress in the way of the mind and is often used to illuminate mental sense.
  4. Blue sapphire stone, which helps to reduce anxiety and stress, shows its effect on preventing instability. It naturally gives vitality to those who are constantly weak and tired.

How to Clean Blue Sapphire Stone?

Blue Sapphire Stone (Navy blue stone) has the ability to reduce its effect if used continuously. In order to utilize the positive benefits continuously, those who carry on constantly should perform frequent cleaning.

Thanks to the cleaning process, it is possible to increase the effect of navy blue stone and give more benefit to the owner.

It is not correct to wash untreated and accessory stones with soap water. The most effective method of cleaning the blue sapphire stone will keep you under the sun for up to half an hour.

It is inevitable that a dull stone will occur on navy blue limestone (blue sapphire stone) which is cleaned with water. For this reason, it is a sufficient method to ensure that sun’s rays are under influence of first day.

How To Use Blue Sapphire Stone?

It has been used in many areas from health to beauty for centuries. Since it is a stone that is believed to bring love and peace, it is recommended to keep powdered or unstable natural stones within house.

Those who want to advance in business life, in the workplace, those who want to transport health care as the accessories are ideal way to use blue sapphire stone. Chakras has a stimulating effect in forehead area. In this way, the mind has the ability to help keep open.

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