Hazelnuts: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts, Can You Eat Hazelnuts?

Hazelnuts is growing in Black Sea region of our country is a member of family of loving temperate climate. The fruit of hazelnuts tree is in a hard shell.

Hazelnuts contain plenty of useful oils and starch. It is rich in iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium as well as zinc. In addition, Vitamin E and protein contains omega 3.

11 Proven Health Benefits Of Hazelnuts

A handful of nuts meets all protein body needs during day. Especially children of developmental age provide energy by supporting body development every day when they consume hazelnuts regularly.

Hazelnuts known to give energy, body and mind to relieve fatigue gives vitality. Hazelnuts wounds consumed in recovery period of diseases more quickly close and body provides faster recovery.

Hazelnuts oil obtained from hazelnuts, kidney disease plays a major role in treatment. It helps to reduce stones and stones much faster and painless with sand that is seen in kidneys.

It helps in protection of cardiovascular health. It is not recommended for high blood pressure patients to consume large amounts of nuts.


1. Benefits Of Hazelnut to Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular health by protecting content in unsaturated fats reduces risk of heart attack. It also helps reduce bad cholesterol, while also supports good cholesterol. Omega-3 fatty acids help regulate blood flow and protect your heart’s health.

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2. Can Prevent Premature Aging

A daily cup of hazelnut consumption meets 86% of vitamin E needs. It also contains strong antioxidants next to vitamin A and vitamin C. The synergistic effects of these vitamins can prevent aging. It can prevent lines and wrinkles on skin.

Hazelnuts are crushed and mixed with a little genuine oil and applied to skin to moisturize and soften skin.

You can also apply nut oil to your skin. This application softens structure of hard skin, protects you from harmful effects of UV rays, in this context hazelnuts can act as natural sunscreen.

Nuts filled with antioxidants can play a vital role in protecting health of skin. Thanks to this feature, cleans skin from free radicals.

It also protects skin from skin cancer caused by UVA / UVB rays. Along with antioxidants, flavonoids help regenerate skin cells. Hazelnut is an important moisturizer especially for sensitive skin.

Contribution of hazelnut to skin health is not limited to this. It also has ability to troubleshoot acne problems. Hazelnut can be an excellent cleaner for acne-prone skin especially with coffee beans.

To do this, crush 1 teaspoon roasted hazelnut and some coconut oil and olive oil (half a teaspoon) coffee powder, half a teaspoon sugar mix well and apply to affected part of acne.

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3. Hair Health

Can also change hair color. This process, which is usually made with help of chemical substances, can be made healthier thanks to hazelnuts. In addition to turning hair into brown color, can make a significant contribution to hair health. For this purpose, apply oil to your hair before going to bed in evening and wash in morning with shampoo. This app will add a healthy look to your hair.

For dry and worn hair, hazelnuts can be an alternative solution. Mix two scoops of hazelnut powder thoroughly with 2 eggs. And then apply to your scalp. Wash your hair with shampoo after 20 minutes. With this application you will see that problem of hair dryness has disappeared.

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4. Helps to Lose Weight

There is a general opinion that excessive hazelnuts consumption will cause weight. But before eating half a handful of nuts to feed stomach and relieves desire to eat. This nut does not contain much calories.

5. Preserves Heart Health

Hazelnuts are a very good source of unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats, especially oleic acid, have potential to stabilize HDL and LDL levels. It contributes to heart health by balancing magnesium and calcium levels. Excessive magnesium levels threaten heart health.


6. Prevention Of Cancer

Can be effective especially in preventing bladder cancer. Since contains high amounts of vitamin E, bladder can prevent cancer in initial stage. In addition to being rich in manganese, makes effective against other types of cancer.

7. For Muscle Health

As mentioned before, magnesium is a very important substance for cells to move in a healthy way. Therefore, there is a need for magnesium to prevent cramp and contractions in muscles. Thanks to magnesium, hazelnut reduces muscle tension and struggles to prevent muscle fatigue, spasm, cramps and pains.

8. Eliminates Constipation Problems

The hazelnut is rich in fiber is important for health of digestive system in general. Thanks to fibers, has ability to accelerate bowel movements. This also helps to lose weight.

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9. Preserves Bone Health

With help of magnesium and calcium nut is an important source of nutrients for bone health. It is an important calcium reservoir that can prevent a sudden decrease in rate of calcium used by bones. Nut nutrition is also important for bone development.

10. Protects Nervous System

Vitamin B6 is necessary for proper functioning of amino acids. These acids play an important role in maintaining health of nervous system. Vitamin B6 deficiency may prevent synthesis of nerve insulation layer, which is responsible for efficiency and speed of electrical signals, which is necessary for optimal functioning of myelin nervous system.

Vitamin B6 contains epinephrine, melatonin, serotonin and various neurotransmitters, fight for healthy functioning of nervous system.

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11. Protects Health of Digestive System

Manganese, enzyme activator, catalysis, cholesterol and fatty acids play an important role in synthesis of a mineral. This mineral is also an important carbohydrate and protein metabolic agent.

Because of these properties, hazelnut protects health of digestive system and helps to remain active continuously. It facilitates disposal of wastes and toxins from body by means of faeces.

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12. Protects Immune System and Increases Stress

Hazelnut contains a variety of ingredients, including various minerals such as calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium. All this nutrients are needed to maintain blood flow in body. Regular blood flow allows immune system to function properly.

In addition, hazelnuts increases fight against stress. Effective against depression. Nuts are rich in alpha-linolenic acid along with omega 3 fatty acids. In addition, B vitamins contained in hazelnuts anxiety, stress, depression and even schizophrenic conditions can change positively.

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13. Can Increase Fertility Level

Hazelnuts has been known to increase fertility rate since very ancient times. It can also help to eliminate pangs. Besides all these, is a great source of nutrients for mothers during pregnancy and not good for side effects. Can resolve cases of constipation during pregnancy.

Folates contribute to growth of infants. 30 grams of hazelnuts needed by body can meet 17% of folate.

7 Other Benefits of Hazelnut

  1. Hazelnuts can prevent diabetes.
  2. A positive effect on type 2 diabetes with help of high fibers contains.
  3. Nuts increase level of good cholesterol while reducing bad cholesterol levels.
  4. Regulates blood pressure.
  5. Contains potassium, dietary fibers and unsaturated fats to prevent stroke and heart attacks.
  6. Also helps to lose weight.
  7. Consumption of 3-4 grams of nuts per day provides health benefits in many ways.

Wonderful Health Benefits of Hazelnut Oil

Hazelnut oil is taken from roasted and cold pressed nuts. It is an excellent carrier oil. It is often used to sweeten dishes. It is widely used for skin health.

In short, benefits of hazelnut structure can be listed as follows;

Hazelnut oil has an excellent feature that softens skin. It also moisturizes skin.

  • Hazelnut oil is very useful for dry skin, removes dryness, dryness caused by itching and hair loss can be eliminated.
  • Can be safely applied on skin, does not cause any side effects.
  • Thanks to antibacterial properties, hazelnut oil cleans and disinfects skin from microbes.
  • Hazelnut oil is used for skin health because of contains a wide variety of carrier oils in massage.
  • There are significant benefits on sensitive skin.
  • It does not cause any irritation on sensitive skin.
  • That contributes to physical and mental health can help relax nervous system.
  • Protects skin from effects of sunlight.
  • Some experts say they can be used for hair health.
  • Can be applied to skin by massaging a drop of two drops on skin.

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What Are Health Benefits of Hazelnut Paste?

~ The hazelnut paste is obtained by pressing and crushing hazelnuts and has same characteristics as hazelnuts.

It is beneficial for cardiovascular diseases.

Skin protects health. Hazelnut paste is mixed with different additives, so it benefits from many aspects.

Skin protects health.

Similarly, hazelnut paste is good for cholesterol.

It contributes to bone health in development of children.


Plantshospital.Com Recommendations

Hazelnut is produced very widely in our country and can be found as fresh. It is important to buy fresh and first-hand hazelnuts instead of ready-to-eat hazelnuts sold in markets in terms of health.

Storing in hot areas in markets and exposure to temperature during preparation phase may result in loss of certain properties. Therefore, we recommend taking directly from garden and consuming fresh.

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