The Incredible Health Benefits Of Dates (Khajoor)

Benefits Of Dates

Dates are one of the most widely consumed foods around the world. In particular, it is believed that the homeland treated many diseases in the Arabian Peninsula.

It is believed that starting to eat with dates after being hungry for a long time is very important in terms of Health.

Dates are one of the rare fruits that can renew DNA and cells. There are different varieties according to the region where the date grows. Dates are consumed more apple-sized in winter.

Dates, which is a very important food in terms of Health, serves as an important antioxidant in addition to its nutritious properties, vitamins, and elements contained in it. It contains 16 different minerals, including sugar, protein, fiber, and fats.

It is also a rich source of Vitamin C, B1, B2 and a. It contains a good degree of fluoride, prevents tooth decay and strengthens the immune system. The date is also a rich source of healing for selenium, which strengthens the immune system and reduces in particular risk of cancer.


The Amazing Health Benefits Of Dates

Dates are useful for health in many respects it contains in terms of rich foods and vitamins. Other dates can be preserved for a long period, so it can be consumed for 12 months.

✓ Benefits Cancer Of Dates: Reducing the risk of getting date cancer disease. The date contains very high fiber, (med. 7-19). These fibers regularly protect people who consume dates from heart diseases as well as reducing the risk of developing cancer diseases.

Perhaps this is why many researches have shown that the rate of getting cancer is very low in date-consuming Arabs. Also, many scientific studies have shown that high-fiber foods protect us from colon, uterus and breast cancer.

✓ Date Cleans Body: Date acts as an antioxidant besides its very high nutritional value. The high levels of antioxidants contained in dates do not allow blood vessels and heart blockages to occur. Also, it has a protective feature of diseases caused by aging.

It has a very important difference from other fruits that contain high levels of antioxidants. After waiting for a certain period, other fruits lose their antioxidant properties and start to decay. The strength of the antioxidant properties increases as the date waits.

✓ Benefits To Heart Of Dates: We have mentioned that dates are a very good antioxidant. Antioxidants generally cleanse the body from harmful bacteria and germs. The date protects heart health, especially by eliminating the causes of blockage of blood vessels.

It does not allow the heart disease caused by blockage in the arteries and indirectly contributes to the healthy functioning of the heart.

✓ It Is Useful Memory: One of the most important benefits of date is undoubtedly the serious support it gives to the brain and indirectly to the memory. Dates contain 15.6 mg carotene, a type of vitamin A, which converts retinal into consumed in the intestines.

Recently, many studies have shown that regular consumption of carotene has the benefit of preventing memory loss. Also, it reduces the risk of damage to brain cells and other aging-related diseases.

✓ Benefits To Diabetes And Hypertension Of Dates: It has been known since ancient times that the Arabian Peninsula is a cure for diabetes and hypertension. However, this feature has been proven in recent scientific studies.

Due to this feature, patients with high blood pressure and diabetes complaints are recommended by specialists. Continuous consumption helps to reduce such complaints.

✓ Balances The Sugar Level: We can say that the date is the most important food source that manages to significantly adjust the sugar level. A type of sugar contained in dates is easily distributed after a short period. This type of sugar provides the body with calmness, energy and plenty of heat.

This sugar is not glucose, there is no harm. It is even useful in many ways. The rapid rise of sugar in diabetes is a major problem for many organs, especially the eye. The fact that dates contain a lot of sugar type mentioned above prevents this sudden increase in sugar and keeps sugar levels healthy. In this case, many organs can prevent serious damage due to rapid sugar increase.

WARNING: Some experts have claimed that the date is increasing blood sugar. But the many research results we have examined show exactly the opposite. In this case, if you have diabetes problems, the best thing to do is to consult your doctor and find out how much you can consume the dates or how much you can consume.

✓ Benefits To Anemia Of Dates: Another characteristic of dates health benefits is that it is an important source of healing against anemia or cancer. The iron contained in the abundant amount of hurting balances the hemoglobin synthesis in the blood cells.

This is especially important for pregnant women and developing children. Because women provide the protection and development of the most needed red blood cells during pregnancy and development in children.

Red blood cells are very important because they carry oxygen in the blood. Dates also contain very high iron. 12 to 17 days of date consumption almost all the iron needs of a day to meet the iron needs.

✓ Benefits To Liver Of Dates: Vitamins B1 and B2 are the most important vitamins that the liver needs. These vitamins help the liver strengthen and function properly. In addition to this, date has an important role to play against the prevention of jaundice.

✓ Eyes Have The Ability To Strengthen: We have said that date is a very rich source of vitamins. Vitamin A is one of the vitamins most needed by the eyes. Regularly consuming date protects eye health and eye nerves.

Editor’s Pick:

✓ It Is Beneficial To The Bones: Dates containing lots of calcium and phosphate help to maintain bone health in general. It also helps strengthen bones, protects against bone diseases due to vitamin deficiency.

✓ It Protects Mental Health: Stress and stress-induced diseases are the most important diseases of today, we all know now. Scientific studies have revealed that the abundant amount of B6 vitamin contained in dates strengthens the nervous system and muscles significantly.

Also, the Magnesia contained in the date has a serious effect on the nervous system. When 7-8 dates are consumed daily, we protect ourselves from many known and unknown diseases caused by stress and stress.

✓ It is Good For Arteriosclerosis And Cholesterol: High blood cholesterol is one of the most common risk factors for heart disease. The number of patients is increasing day by day, especially in cases related to vascular stiffness. Dates contain rich vitamins and nutrients, especially vascular stiffness is very effective against diseases. It also reduces the rate of heart disease.

Editor’s Pick:

✓ Contributes To Child Development: Many scientific research on dates has shown that the date plays a major role in healing wounds due to antiseptic properties. However, date, which is a potassium store, makes very important contributions to the development of children.

Some experts recommend that children be fed to their babies by crushing dates when they are 3-4 months old. Also, dates are said to heal many problems such as loss of blood and loss of power during birth.

✓ It Is Beneficial To The Digestive System: The date contains enough fiber and sugar also provides important benefits for the digestive system. Many experts argue that fibrous foods act as laxatives. The nutrients contained in dates such as sugar and melatonin are certainly very useful for the digestive system.

✓ Protects Skin Health: Date water has a positive effect on the skin. Because of its antioxidant and nutritious properties, it not only gives the skin a healthy look but also removes the irritation on the skin and keeps the cells alive.


Benefits Of Date Core

Date tree leaves and date core has many benefits. But before you consume the date bean, if you are being treated for a disease, you should start to consume it after consulting your doctor.

Date kernel contains a high amount of glucose, calcium, and protein, as well as protecting from many diseases, my body needs to meet the different vitamins and minerals.

It plays an important role in the solution of vascular stiffness problems.

• Very good for women’s diseases.

• It also helps protect the cardiovascular and heart health by accelerating blood circulation.

 Very good phlegm extractor and also good for coughing.

• It helps remove toxins. Especially good for the liver.

 Soap made from date kernel is used in the treatment of fungal diseases.

 When mixed with coffee, it removes gas and bloating complaints

• Use of Date Core: Date core can be consumed by mixing yogurt or honey after being crushed and powdered. It is important to consume continuously. But consumption should not be excessive.

Benefits Of Date Molasses

Date molasses since ancient times, especially during the winter months of the epidemics and cold used for treatment purposes against.

In general, the benefits of dates also apply to date molasses. But it is a very effective food for some diseases. Used especially for instant results in cold situations.

Date molasses increase energy and prevent cold during the winter months. Since it can accelerate blood, it can heal the body.

• It helps keep the brain cells healthy and keeps the mind open.

• It opens the bronchi and helps relieve asthma attacks.

 Dry cough is effective against sputum.

 It alleviates throat inflammations and sores that are caused by inflammation.

 It has protective properties for some diseases. The most important of these is cancer. Reduce the risk of catching cancer.

Damages Of Dates

The date can become harmful when consumed more excessively. Especially diabetes and high blood pressure patients should not consume excessive. It is useful for drug users to consult with their doctors and consume them.

In some cases, it is not recommended for diabetics because of the sugar it contains.

1.) Those with weight problems should not consume too much. Because there are specialists who advocate weight gain.

2.) There is also a situation of damage to the spleen due to excessive consumption

3.) Excessive consumption can cause eye and headache.

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