Category Healing Stones

There are many healing stones that have a meaning, benefit and effect in nature.

Amethyst, Agate, chalcedony, moonstone, sapphire stone, amber stone diamond and aquamarine are some of these healing stones.

People who believe in energy and therapeutic properties of healing stone have been increasing especially in recent years.

Some of doctors confirm these benefits. You can find types and properties of these healing stone in our healing stone category in detail.

In addition to being used in decoration, jewelery or many other areas, physical and spiritual benefits to health have caused these stones to be considered as healing stones.

The benefits of these healing and natural stones show how perfect and useful everything in nature.

amazonite stone

13 Wonderful Benefits Of Amazonite Stone

Amazonite Stone Amazonite Stone takes its name from the Amazon River. The shape and structure are similar to that of the Amazon River. Although not a very valuable stone, jewelry is commonly used in the construction or decorative purpose carving. It…

Aquamarine Stones

Aquamarine Stone Benefits and Uses

History and Facts of Aquamarine Stone Derived from the Roman word “aqua,” meaning water” and “mare” meaning sea, Aquamarine Stone gem does indeed resemble the color of seawater. A member of the beryl family, it was first mined in 1811 in…

amethyst stone

Top 8 Best Health Benefits Of Amethyst Stone

Amethyst Stone History Amethyst Stone is a purple variety of quartz often used as an ornamental stone in jewelry. Traditionally included in the “cardinal‟ or most valuable, gemstones (along with diamond, sapphire, ruby, and emerald), amethyst has lost some of its…