34 Amazing Benefits Of Charoite Stone

Charoite stone is the newest stone. It was found in Russia in 1947 in the vicinity of the Charo river and its name came from here. Recognition in the West was only after 1978.”Metaphysical and psychological effects provide the connection and balance between the heart and mind. It increases one’s self-confidence.

It helps liberate the person from his physical and spiritual dependence and liberate the person from his physical and spiritual dependence. It is used with amethyst to get rid of fears. Converts negative energy and clears aura. Sleep problems, just like amethyst, are a stone that you can sleep by placing it under your pillow. Effective against nightmares. The main focus. Therefore, it is also influenced by the increase in awareness.

Health Benefits Of Charoite Stone

  1. Charoite stone “is a very effective stone on the purple scale among the” healing stones “and especially on the mood.
  2. This stone can cause improvement in mental conditions. It is also good for sleep problems as well as the regularity of mood.
  3. Charoite stone is especially good for diseases such as headache and hearing impairment
  4. It calms nerves and gives a calm feeling to the person
  5. Bridges the heart and mind
  6. Improves confidence
  7. Sleep is good for the problem
  8. It feels free spirit by saving from addiction
  9. Eliminates the feeling of fear
  10. It eliminates negative energy and purifies aura.
  11. Sleep problems, just like amethyst, are a stone that you can sleep by putting it under the pillow. Effective against nightmares.
  12. It is effective against headaches and hearing problems.
  13. Regulates nerves, calms and gives calm.
  14. Effective against insomnia.
  15. It provides the connection and balance between the heart and mind.
  16. Increases the self-confidence of the person is effective
  17. It helps liberate the person from his physical and spiritual dependence.
  18. Converts negative energy and clears aura.
  19. It is used with amethyst to get rid of fears.
  20. Enables the main focus to be experienced. Therefore, it is effective in increasing awareness.
  21. Helps to get rid of fears, with Amethyst in this regard gives better results.
  22. Converts negative energy in the body to positive removes or destroys
  23. Cleans aura and chakras.
  24. Keeps the body healthy in fasting days.
  25. It gives strength to the body against extreme cold and heat, rain and wind.
  26. Cleans the body from alcohol.
  27. Physical, psychological, mental and cleanser.
  28. Cleans the liver from harmful particles and alcohol.
  29. It is useful for hearing disorders.
  30. Regulates nerves, calms, gives calm.
  31. Allows relaxation intense times
  32. It is curative for nervous system diseases.
  33. It is useful against insomnia and nightmares, it provides restful sleep, for this reason, putting it under the pillow gives a more positive result.
  34. It helps you to fall asleep and have beautiful dreams before midnight. Especially if you are prone to sleep disturbances or if you are afraid of your dream, it is more useful to put the charoite stone under the pillow. It is more useful with amethyst.
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Malachite, fluorite, reticulo; contains calcium, fluoride, magnesium, such as the absorption of minerals and provides energy interaction in the throat chakra provides benefits.

Panic Attack

Smoky quartz pendant, fluorite necklace; contains minerals and throat chakras that provide benefits with interaction.


Iolite, kunzite, bloodstone, labradorite necklace; calcium, aluminum, sodium interacts with.

Anxiety Disorder

Onyx, rhodochrosite; contains magnesium, iron, and so on. It can be used as a bracelet and ring.

Anger Control

Charoite, Jadestone, wrist, calcium, sodium minerals, and nadis interact with.

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  1. My wife is the super sensitive type so a few days ago I bought her a Charoite crystal. As soon as she held it she felt a strong burning sensation in one of her toes. So I knew then this stone was for real, apparently sending Qi, energy thru her meridians to where healing is needed. The next day she held it again and she could feel a burning heat sensation in the shoulder that she has been having pain in. Then I told her to sleep with the Charoite under her pillow. She had been coughing a lot due to the mold in our crawlspace and her breathing has been stuffed up. But last night her breathing totally cleared up sleeping with the stone and she did not have any coughing. I have been using crystals since the 1980’s but am not sensitive and have never felt anything from using them. However, last night I slept with a Charoite stone under my pillow. I have very deep sleep and thus usually never have an awareness of having had any dreams. However, last night it was just one long dream after another. Remarkable that I finally found a crystal that I can feel effects from. So this one is as is claimed for it. Powerful.

  2. I am not even kidding, I didn’t “do” stones. Well, until this. Horrible breakup, and a trauma bond to nurture: I thought it was the end for me. Looked into everything to give my heart a “Tylenol” for it’s pain. Tried all the heart stones and the elixirs and then one day I was reading about a specific disorder (that I do not have, but the breakup made me feel like I did) and it mentioned, “Charoite.” Not easy to find, but Etsy hooked me up and in a few days, I had a Larimar bead and a small Charoite slab hanging around my neck. It was long, so I tucked it under my bra. This beloved stone hung out right there, at my heart for three trying months. Noticed the difference *IMMEDIATELY*. If this was a placebo, so be it, because nothing else worked before this, or after. Charged it at night, and wore it all day. I knew when I didn’t have it on and panicked if I though it was lost. It travelled with me, comforted me, calmed me, it was that “mind/emotion” connection and everything else you mentioned above. It was my security blanket as I tell my best friend. This same friend was going through the same hardships a few months later. Charged it up, kissed it, and sent it to its new owner with love and maybe some tears. Really a great stone.

    • Wow. That’s incredible! I’ve been there (really traumatic breakup that was almost the end of me). Crystals saved me (when even a cocktail of antidepressants and therapy didn’t). I’m so glad this stone worked for you as well!

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