+5 Superb Health Benefits Of Salep: 5 Strong Reasons To Drink More

Salep, one of the indispensable drinks of cold winter days, warms the inside of people with its pleasant smell and increases body temperature.

It is also possible to consume salep, which is a strong source of calcium and protein, without gaining weight because of prepared with milk. Memorial Sisli Hospital Department of Nutrition and Dietician Ezgi Mumcu gave information about the benefits of salep.

5 More Reasons To Drink Salep

  • It plays an active role in reducing hemorrhoid complaints.
  • It relieves constipation and flatulence and facilitates digestion.
  • It strengthens memory and mind.
  • It’s good for menstruation.
  • It increases sexual power.
  • Prepare your own salep.

Salep, which you will prepare at home, will be much better because it will allow you to determine the sugar ratio according to yourself or not use it at all. This is a delicious salep recipe that is a quality dec. meal alternative to help you lose weight;


Diet Salep

Ingredients: 1-liter light milk, 3 tbsp powdered salep, cinnamon, optional powdered sweetener.

Prepare: Put 1 liter of light milk in a saucepan. Add slowly into the powdered salep and stir constantly to avoid lumps.

Mix the milk and powdered salep in low heat for a few minutes and take from the stove. Add the powdered sweetener and serve with plenty of cinnamon on top.

5 Powerful Health Benefits Of Salep

Effective in Protecting Against Winter Diseases

It is the first among the hot drinks whose consumption increases during the winter months. Here, It has a big role in protecting it from the cold by increasing body temperature. It is also effective in the treatment of winter diseases such as flu and cold, which increase with cold weather.

It helps to reduce the common symptoms of these diseases. Salep, which provides the strengthening of the immune system, softens the chest and is good for sore throat. When the symptoms of the disease are felt in the body, drinking hot this drink will reduce the complaints significantly.

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Super Duo; Salep and Cinnamon

One of the flavors that comes to mind when you say it is cinnamon. The benefits to health are much greater when these two come together. First of all, cinnamon is a good stabilizer for people who can’t stop themselves from eating sweets.

It prevents sudden attacks of sweets as it controls blood sugar. In this way, it may be possible to lose weight without starving with salep prepared in healthy conditions at home.

The salep-cinnamon duo, a good decant alternative, will stay in the stomach for a long time and provide a feeling of satiety.

Increases Speed of Fat Burning

It cooked with milk, contains calcium and protein support allows the body to burn more fat. There is an essential rule for healthy weight loss: To protect muscles and ensure that are burned bad fat cells.

The weight given in this way will also be more permanent. One of the miraculous properties of this drink prepared with milk is that it increases the rated speed of fat burning. For this, salep, which is 1 cup 190 calories, is important to reserve a special place in the nutrition program in the winter months.

It’s Good For The Headache

Due to the cold weather, the time spent in closed and airless environments is also extended. Staying for long hours in places that are not aired at regular intervals during the busy pace of work and running can cause a person to feel tired and experience headaches.

Sometimes a small break to be given at work and this break will consume a lot of cinnamon salep will help the person relax and will be good for the headache.

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