5 Proven Health Benefits Of Coca Tea: Uses, Side Effects And Warnings

Coca tea has powerful health benefits, such as boosting attention, prevent premature aging, stimulating the immune system, lowering cholesterol, gives high energy, regulates your blood pressure and diabetes.

What is Coca Tea?

Unbeknownst to many, coca tea comes from the same plant from where normal tea is obtained. Scientifically, it is known as erythrotoxylon coca. It is the same other tea but it is processed differently.

Coca tea is the most usual type of tea served without milk. The level of oxidation gives it a unique color and flavor, which ranges from amber to brown and savory to sweet.

Coca leaf tea, also known as mate, has stimulating effects similar to coffee. It is also consumed to facilitate digestion after eating.


What Are The Benefits Of Coca Tea?

Helps Weight Loss

It also helps people lose weight by enhancing the rate of metabolism, thereby promoting a faster consumption of the fat storage of the body. “This information is proven.”

Immune System

It helps to protect the immune system with its anti-inflammatory and high antioxidant properties. An animal study published in the Journal of Animal Sciences revealed that coco tea is a very rich source of natural antioxidants including those such as epicatechin, gallate, and others.

Gives High Energy

Thanks to the high stimulant properties of this powerful coca tea, it can give a wonderful energy boost at different times of day. This tea can help people overcome fatigue, particularly if they suffer from sleep problems, it can significantly elevate your performance and behavior.

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A study published (2012) provides evidence that stated that drinking coca tea consumption in diabetic animals helped to reverse the negative effects that diabetes has on certain important serum proteins, working as a regulator for humans with diabetes.


Relieves Stress

Its consumption not only lowers the production of the stress hormone and cortisol but also arranges it. Also, the amino acid found in coca tea calms you down and promotes relaxation. Tea intake may speed up recovery following stress.

Other Benefits Of Coca Tea

It regulates blood pressure.

It stimulates the respiratory system.

it prevents osteoporosis.

Fights iron deficiency and anemia.

It has pain-relieving properties.

It strengthens concentration and memory.

It lowers the level of high cholesterol and triglycerides.

It prevents premature aging.

How to Make Coca Tea?

You can use the leaves directly or in separate bags.

Wash the leaves in warm water.

Bring a cup of water to a boil, and then reduce the heat and allow it to simmer.

Add the coca leaves to the hot water Allow the mixture to brew for 6 minutes.

Allow to brew for a maximum of 6 minutes.

Strain the mixture into a cup, separating the leaves.

After brewing, you can drain the tea and add some honey or sugar.

The coca leaf is sold in the form of powder, which you can add to watery dishes.

Side Effects Of Coca Tea

The powerful stimulant properties in coca tea can result in a headache or migraine shortly after consuming the tea, or once the effects begin to wear off. This is seen more often when the tea is consumed in excess. It is recommended not to drink too much.

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