Top 7 Proven Health Benefits Of Miswak: Dental Health & Uses & More

What is Miswak?

What are the health benefits of Miswak? Oral hygiene is rarely a serious matter. I mean, cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis, etc. It is an issue where a person does not worry in case of a tooth, tooth and oral hygiene.

However, a person suffering from gingival bleeding or dental abscess cannot focus on pain in mouth. If you’re complaining about these problems, you may want this article.

History of Miswak

Miswak helps clean teeth and has been used for more than 7000 years for this purpose. Miswak antibacterial properties combine toothbrush and toothpaste functions to save many people from terrible tooth decay.

According to findings, has been used since time of Babylon and Egypt. So it means older than Cleopatra.

These rods are often associated with Salvadora persica tree, commonly known as “Arak” in the Arabic language.

Many studies conducted by WHO and other independent health organizations have found that people who regularly use miswak have healthier teeth than those WHO use toothpaste.

Research has shown that regular use has a therapeutic effect on gingival diseases, and Porphyromonas gingivalis, Aggregiatacter actinomycetemcomitans, etc.

Miswak has revealed that most of organisms, such as cause, act against dental disease.

A new study has found that helps to record a noticeable improvement in plaque and gum health when used in addition to regular tooth brushing. It also has many other benefits.


Active Ingredients:

What makes this bar so effective?

The answer lies in active components. Most oral disinfectants, such as toothpaste, mouthwashes and tooth powders, build all advertising campaigns around one or two basic components, such as silica, while miswak, while maintaining oral health, also supports dental quality consists of 19 active substances.

Alkaloids: Salvadorian, trimethylamine; has an antibacterial effect.

✓ Silica: Natural abrasive and reduces stains.

✓ Calcium: chlorides, fluoride: it is important for dental care. Flouride helps to remineralize tooth structure.

✓ Sulfur.

✓ Vitamin C.

✓ Resins: A protective layer is formed on enamel to prevent caries formation.

✓ Tannins: Acts as a natural witch and stimulates saliva production.

✓ Small amounts of saponins, flavonoids and sterols

✓ Essential Oils: It gives a slight taste and smell, promotes saliva formation and relieves swelling.

Fights With Tooth Decay

 One of the greatest blessings of modern age is that every food we want is below our hands. Sweet, sour, sharp, bitter, fresh, processed; we are able to buy each product easily.

✓ However, this increase in consumption, especially in sugar-rich foods, has been demonstrated by increase in cases of tooth decay in general population.

✓ Tooth decay occurs when enamel disappears. How does this enamel disappear even though you brush your teeth regularly?

✓ Simple! Our mouths contain hundreds of different kinds of bacteria, some of which are good and some are bad.

✓ These bacteria use starch and sugar in foods to produce acids, which corrodes enamel and leads to decay.

✓ Most toothpastes on market use fluoride to overcome this decay, while another effective solution is your saliva.

✓ Saliva prevents acid formation and prevents tooth decay and allows your teeth to repair themselves.

✓ Miswak is known that misvagin increases saliva formation in mouth more than any commercial product and therefore fights tooth decay.

✓ It also helps to strengthen tooth enamel by providing sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and calcium oxide in, thereby promoting tooth whiteness.

Prevents Tartar and Plaque Formation

 Surprisingly, record is common, but nobody knows about it. Plaque is a colorless layer of bacteria that forms on the teeth and gums as bacteria grow and multiply.

 However, regular brushing can easily reduce plaque accumulation, gum disease and tooth loss in future can cause visible yellow tartar formation.

 The best way to prevent tartar and plaque formation and thus gum disease and tooth loss is to brush properly and regularly.

 At this point, miswak helps with antibacterial properties, which prevents bacteria from accumulating in teeth and gums.

Destroys Bad Breath Smell

 The smell of mouth is indicative of dental problems. Gum disease and tooth decay, especially due to a bad smell in your mouth is a clear warning that a bad thing.

✓ The decrease in saliva production can also lead to bad smell.

✓ The powerful antibacterial activity of misvagine is an effective drug for bad breath, along with its ability to increase saliva production in mouth. In addition, it releases some compounds that make up a mild odor peculiar to it self during brushing.

Editor’s Pick:

Fights with Harmful Bacteria and Microbes (More Important)

! Your mouth contains over 700 different types of bacteria, all of which are not harmful.

The bacteria found in mouth help to break down most foods and protect healthy teeth and gums in many cases, while some bacteria are bad bacteria that actively damage teeth and gums.

! Tooth decay, tartar, gum disease and periodontitis (a painful condition that affects gums and jaw bone) are related to living bacteria in mouth.

! Numerous studies conducted by World Health Organization and other independent research groups have shown that Miswak contains a number of antibacterial compounds that actively fight with bacterial growth in mouth.

! In addition, people who use regular miswak have less health problems than people who do not use regular toothpaste.

It is Anticarcinogenic and Analgesic

 There are some therapeutic effects. Antioxidant enzymes such as peroxidase, catalase and polyphenol oxidase are said to have anti-cancer properties and prevent cancer.

✓ Although is not yet determined how effective is to fight cancer that is already present in body, use as a preventive treatment has been proven through research.

✓ In addition, active ingredients, especially in gums, have analgesic or pain relievers that help to deal with inflammation and pain.

How to Use of Miswak?

It can be used alone or as an aid to your normal tooth brushing routine. For effective use, consider following:

  • Start scraping or chewing one end.
  • Continue to chew on the same side until becomes softer and does not dissolve.
  • You can also moisten bar by submerging.
  • When you see fibers resembling hairs, brush them as you would with a regular toothbrush.
  • When existing ones run out, trim or chew a little more.

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