Azurite Stone: Health Benefits And Uses

What Are The Benefits Of Azurite Stone?

1. Azurite stone helps people who suffer from difficult to become a speaker and an enterprising person.

2. Balance the nervous system and allows the body to use oxygen more efficiently. It is good for women against menstrual cramps and ovarian pains.

3. For a long time, the computer is a stone that is good for the eye and headaches caused by stopping or driving in the press.

4. It helps clarify your thoughts.

5. It helps us evaluate the past and build new programs.

6. It allows the person to express his / her feelings and thoughts more clearly and increases self-confidence.

7. It increases our desire to work for a job. It helps us succeed in our business.

8. It helps us feel our inner world and hit it out.

9. If used with malachite stone, it increases its effect.

10. The benefits of azurite stone such as this are known.


How To Use Azurite Stone?

Azurite stone is widely used as jewelry and accessories. To increase the effect of azurite stone, it needs to be cleaned and purified. The cleaning of azurite stone can be done by washing it under flowing water for 5 minutes or by waiting for 10 minutes in vinegar or saltwater.

Also, the cleaning of azurite stone can be done in the sun for 1 day. You can wipe the jewelry made of azurite stone with vinegar or a cloth soaked in saltwater for 5 minutes and dry immediately.

How To Understand Azurite Stone?

The fake of the azurite stone is usually understood from the appearance when the product is taken into hand. If not understood in this way, it can be understood in a few simple ways. As with azurite stone and many stones, imitation products are available in a large number of markets.

These imitation products are usually made of cheap stones by painting the so-called sidewalk stones, the colors of the precious stones resembled. These products are usually in the color of the precious stone that is likened to the exterior paints and the interior parts reflect their color.

If we can’t see this by looking at the product from the outside, we can understand the harmony between the inside and the outside by breaking a small part of the stone or breaking one of the bracelets or beads.

However, before this crushing process, heat the stone with a lighter imitation products are becoming less quality of cheap stones are not only painted out of the dust dye and lighter when heated, you will see that the color of the cheap stone itself remains.

However, do not overdo the heating process with high temperatures because certain stones, such as amethyst stone, change colors when exposed to high temperatures. If you try all these processes and see that the color of the interior is the same, This product is probably the original.

However, the color of the exterior of the interior is the same or the temperature of the stone can be painted with the powders of cheap stone is known to flow such products are high-quality imitation product that is painted with the powder.

Editor’s Pick:

If you do not understand these trials, you can understand them by being tested in the bioenergy departments or Archaeology departments in universities as a guarantee. Usually, the originality of the stone is understood by these simple methods. Get products from trusted sites and companies that guarantee authenticity.

Natural stones have benefits. Human beings have used the effects of natural stones since they existed in the world. First of all, I have to say that faith comes first. If you want to benefit from everything, you have to believe in it.

If you have negative thoughts about the effects of natural stones, if you think that a piece of stone will be good for me, you will not see the benefit of what you despise.

In short, natural stones are the healing means of this fact, but there is no such thing as a magic wand that will make everyone as good as everyone else right away. Many people find healing from these stones, and many do not find healing.

Unknown Benefits Of Azurite Stone

  • The bones forming the spine keep healthy, the spine rows in order, if the order is disturbed, the spine arranges bone marrow.
  • Keeps the rib cage healthy.
  • Protects the health of all small bones, including teeth, and resolves diseases.
  • It treats bone diseases.
  • Keeps the blood circulation system healthy, removes diseases/disorders.
  • It opens the vessel congestion.
  • Tumor, gland helps to eliminate the formation of cancer cells as cyst formed.
  • For physical and psychological reasons, the wart on the surface of the body dissolves blocks such as beauty spots and glands.
  • Balances the abnormal behavior of cells. Prevents abnormal growth of cells.
  • Removes the eye, cheeks or other proportions of the tics.
  • It helps remove the body from harmful chemicals and unnecessary cells.
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